Blake's POV:

Bundles of warm breath, touching against just below my ear made me flinched a little as I forced my eyes to open. I carefully turned my back to see the giant, still sleeping oh so peacefully. It's pretty hard to move because of his muscular arms on my waist, and I urged myself not to chuckle at the sight of his half-opened mouth as drools drop off his lips. I peeked at the wall clock to see it's 7:25 in the morning as I let out a yawn. I carefully lift his arms off my waist cause as much as I want to sleep, I can't because we need to eat. Good morning, Blake. Time to get up now.

"Where are you going, baby?" Deep voice filled my ears, making me jump involuntarily. 

"Um, to the bathroom? I need to brush my teeth. Go back to sleep." I said while untangling his arms off my waist.

"I wanna

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