Chapter 7


We reached home after a 15 minutes drive, we got out of the car walking up to the house. We opened the front door using our keys and walked a few steps reaching the living room. Judging from the silence I can say mom and dad are not home, Dy walked me to the couch in the living room making me sit as he sat down beside me. I immediately knew what was coming, I sighed internally because I didn't really want to talk about everything that happened.

"You can't avoid to talk about it forever, you know. You will have to talk about it eventually" he said and I took a deep breath feeling defeated

"I know, but why do I have to be the one to end up in situations like that and what happened probably cost me my friend" I answered feeling sad

'She is not our friend, she wouldn't have said that if she was our friend' Cleva growled in my head

'He is her brother y

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other then that and a few grammar and spelling mistakes its a good story... i agree your charging a lot of couns for a chapter but im not sure if that is you or the company
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K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid... you don't have to tell me how to put on a pair of pants I already know... just say I changed into a pink shirt and jeans with my favorite lace panty and bra set... plus i know how to lock a door and turn on a car you dont have to tell me
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Bella Jersey
That beautiful sibling moment

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