Chapter 10


It has been a few days since our shopping trip and today is Patrina's birthday, I am excited to see if Colton and her are mates although a tiny piece of my heart is still hurt but, I think there's nothing I can do about it. The last few days have been the same, going to school and spending the rest of the day with Dylan. He is specially spending more time with me because he is going to leave for his Alpha training by the end of this week, I don't want him to leave me alone but he can't be with me forever, he is an Alpha and he has to live up to the expectations. He has a lot of pressure because everyone expects so much from him already, unlike me, no one has any expectations from me, it hurts, to be honest, but saves me the stress so I let it go. I know there's a reason why everyone is different from the other and I know that I will get an opportunity to prove that even I am capable of taking responsibilities, not now but maybe in the fu

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