Chapter 11

We walked inside the ballroom hand in hand, I was in the middle while Lavi stood on my right and Patrina on my left with their arms looped with mine. As soon as we entered the ballroom we had everyone staring at us, we were in our own world walking in as if we are three barbie princesses out of a fairytale. We reached to the middle of the ballroom to see our parents chatting away, we walked to them with a smile on our faces greeting everyone. Patrina walked to her dad and he loving held her hand as Lavi hugged her parents, they kissed her forehead telling her how beautiful she looked. I looked at my parents expectantly walking to them with a small smile but they awkwardly excused themselves saying they have to meet some guests, my eyes filled with tears and my heart broke at their ignorance, I closed my eyes taking a deep breath to stop my tears from spilling from my eyes. I felt strong arms wrap around me and Dylan's familiar scent brought me comfort and warmth that I only get from

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what kind of parents r they ? cant they see how great n pure of a Soul she is ? ergh i hate them .. at least the King n Queen r loving people towards her .. Patrina is some jelous bitch ...

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