Chapter 13


It has been a week since Pat's birthday party. I haven't spoken to her a lot after our confrontation in an attempt to keep our interaction minimal. She said that she liked Colton's and mine gift the most, I don't know but after that day I'm not sure if having normal conversations with my friend is a good idea for me.

Because I don't have my parents' love in my life and I don't want to lose my best friend too. I never wanted anything bad for her but she was still insecure because of me. I think both of us need some time and space to sort our internal battles out.

That day had been very difficult for me, but I somehow managed to calm myself down, but I don't know if I can handle another episode of so much stress. We got to know that Pat and Colton are not mates, but Colton made it clear that he wants Patrina as his chosen mate and queen.

Somehow, he was very sure that they would not meet their mates. I think it would be better if they didn't, otherwise both of their mates wou
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Sandren Graham
I love Dylan
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Janice Baker
This is so sweet that's why i always wanted a twin. I'm whipping the tears from my eyes.
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this Love between the twins is awesome . it made me feel almost as If He is my brother n now being all alone

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