Chapter 14


It has been a week since Dylan has left for his training, he doesn't get to call me whenever he wants like he wanted because he had to follow the rules of the Alpha training academy. He was not an Alpha there, he was a student like every other Alpha so he was bound to follow the rules.

He gets to call his family during weekends and that too if he is not training, he was pretty pissed, but sadly couldn't do anything about it. I had to laugh at his face when he told me about the rules, the look on his face was to die for, normally he would have been annoyed if I had laughed in his face.

But this time he just smiled saying at least he can still make me smile with his weirdness and that brought tears in my eyes. I had asked Lavi to stay with me and of course she agreed in an instant, her parents were kind enough to immediately say yes to our request.

I was happy that at least now I won't have to stay alone, it is very difficult to stay by yourself even when you have tons of wor
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Jennifer Mcclurkan
a good story. can't wait to see if colton is Darcy mate or not.
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It’s a good story so far. Definitely want to see what happens. You are missing words in your sentences. It makes it hard to want to keep reading. Only reason I am is because I want to see what happens. I want to know who’s mate is who.
goodnovel comment avatar
Midnight Shines
Thank you so much

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