Chapter 15


It has been two weeks since Rina's birthday. A lot has happened since that day, Rina complained about Darcy acting indifferent towards her and I would have believed her if I hadn't seen it myself that she was trying to stay just because she didn't want another altercation.

I don't know why, but for some reason it's like I can listen to her thoughts or I can feel everything she can, but I know it's not the truth. It's just my mind playing tricks on me, as always I ignored them because I have Rina and I love her. She was upset that we weren't mates but I made it clear that she doesn't have to worry and announced that she will be my Queen.

A week after it was time for Dylan to go, I knew it was necessary but I would miss my best friend. He asked me to take care of Darcy in his absence, I told her about Lavi wanting to go out for some time and he informed Darcy she requested mom and dad to let Lavi stay with her and they agreed. I have noticed that they love her a lot and never
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Swan Marie
I don’t like to comment harsh stuff but the grammar makes it really hard to understand. Like I want to stick with this story but it’s confusing

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