Chapter 16


I woke up to the crashing sound in my bedroom, my eyes flicked open alarmed of having an intruder in my room. I jumped out of my bed to chase the intruder away only to find my best friend Lavender looking at me with a sheepish smile with gift-wrapped boxes scattered around her feet. I laughed, shaking my head, which made a frown appear on her beautiful face.

"It's not fair you know, I have worked hard to get everything in your room by myself to surprise you, but you wake up at the slightest sound I made and then you are laughing at me" she said with a cute pout on her face making me laugh harder.

"I'm sorry about that, you just look cute. Dylan would have kissed that cute little pout if he was here" I said and her eyes widened as her cheeks turned a dark shade of red as a blush appeared on her face.

"Hey!" she said and I raised my hands in mock surrender as a chuckle left my lips while she glared at me like a cute little panda.

"Fine, I'm sorry" I said, sighing and she smirk
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