Chapter 17


"Mate" I whispered as tears continued to fall.

"Mine" He growled and his growl vibrated through the entire ballroom.

Everything is so overwhelming that I can't seem to make sense of what is happening. I have been attracted to this man since forever but he never even spared me a glance. I thought I would forget all about him as soon as I found my mate because I was made to love the other part of my soul.

But I never thought that I would end up being his mate. He didn't want his mate, he didn't want me, why did the Moon Goddess have to be a joker, a terrible joke, did I not deserve to be loved at all? What did I do to deserve this fate? I know he would reject me, finding my mate on my eighteenth birthday should have been the best day of my life but it all turned into a nightmare.

His scent and closeness spiked my heartbeat and everything was so overwhelming that I couldn't breathe, I wanted to scream and cry but I couldn't not in front of everyone. I took a deep breath and li
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goodnovel comment avatar
He is such a freaking moron.. how could she stay away , how could she be aware of that .. ergh He is Not better than fucking Patrina .. If Not even worse..
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary Grace Vella
thanks .. loving it xxx

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