Anzi had never been in the palace before, which meant she had no pass token to flash at whoever might stop and interrogate her. Would the guards at the front gates open them for her so she could leave? They weren’t supposed to, but with an important foreign chieftain at her side, maybe they would make an exception. Exiting the palace unauthorized had to be easier than getting in. But lesson learned: maybe she should have thought about that before rushing out of the throne room.

“How long have you been a soldier?”

She looked back at the man and resisted the urge to take a sidling step away from him as they walked down the hallway. She had pulled her hand out of his grasp long ago, but he was sticking too close for comfort. Surely he didn’t have to walk so close that their hands threatened to brush against each other with every step, and surely he didn’t have to stare at her that way, either. His unnatural golden gaze felt like it was boring straight through her and melting her down li
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Emily Struna
Such an amazing chapter. Really loving the description of the strong bond she is feeling with him. I have an idea of why he is angry about the dragon. But I won’t give it away. I’ll keep reading and see
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
What was going on with her stomach that’s not ok. I think Kai was jealous of Colonel’s dragon than Anzi wanted to be near it
goodnovel comment avatar
Ashley Botelho
Is he a dragon? Is he the person who felt her energy from the previous chapters? If he’s a dragon, she could be the one who rides him and he could be jealous that she finds the other blue dragon beautiful

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