Anzi was grateful to finally get away from the chieftain. After spending no more than half a day with him, she was already feeling horribly bereft by his absence, so how much worse would it have been if she had been in his presence any longer? Even now, she could feel the warmth of his fingers trailing along the side of her face, smell the dizzying scent of spice and desert wind rising from his body, hear his voice alternate between smooth syllables and deep, roughened rumbles…

Really, she was grateful they were separated now. Truly.

They had returned to the palace as the sun set even though her summons had not yet come, and they had made it back into the grounds with little disturbance thanks to the letter that vouched for them. After that, she had made sure to deposit him into the care of a pretty palace maid who eagerly agreed to show Kaizat-Amun to his room.

“I said to call me Kai,” he had said again with a smile, and Anzi had hurriedly demurred before excusing herself. She shou
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Emily Struna
Never fails to bring your humor into your stories And I love it so Much.
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Emily Struna
Pacing and hour ...
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Bella Jersey
I can’t wait to find out what’s going on

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