She was on her feet in an instant. Night had fallen hours ago, but the flickering light of the standing torches in the courtyard illuminated every harsh line of Colonel Bisset’s face. “Yes, sir.”

“You’re needed. See the Emperor first, and you’ll be escorted elsewhere after.”

First? Escort her where? It was already late, and while she didn’t dare complain about the hour nor did she have any desire to, the timing was too odd to discount. At the sound of a loud, sudden snuffle, she glanced behind the stone bench she had been sitting on next to the massive snout of the colonel’s dragon. She had awoken finally. All this time she had done little more than sleep. Scaly eyelids twitched, then opened to reveal bright blue eyes that sent a tingle down Anzi’s spine.

She turned back to Colonel Bisset. “Will I find His Excellency in the throne room?”

“Yes. I won’t

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Bella Jersey
I think it has to be so hard for Anzi to find she has no real value in the Emperor army. All she is is a stress release
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Mana Sol
LOL tis true
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Trisha Sunshine
Emperor asshole

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