This was impossible. Dragons were all but extinct; everyone knew that.

Following the great Purge over two centuries ago, only the scant few taken in by the Empire had survived. The Imperial dragon bonded to the Emperor along with those partnered to his four generals - those were the only ones that had made it safely through the catastrophic war that decimated their population. After that, the only dragons eggs in existence had been those produced by those survivors, and that was why the Premier Guard only numbered so few, less than a dozen.

But all these eggs. In two hundred years, had five dragons really multiplied into this unborn horde? She couldn’t hope to count the number crammed into this chamber. From wall to wall, some eggs were as long as her forearm and wider around than her waist while others could fit in the palm of a small child. Eggs scaled with rippling, iridescent patterns, eggs bearing feathers, eggs with fanned fins and horned spines - Anzi’s eyes burned as she stra
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goodnovel comment avatar
Emily Struna
So many questions. What of the wyrms ? How does Kai play into all this.
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I think Prince has been waiting for her. I think she’ll most fearsome dragon warrior there is. I don’t think a dragon can be tamed
goodnovel comment avatar
Kaia D
Poor Anzi. But good for her that she's questioning it, even if just in her own head for now

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