“You haven’t slept.”

It was only thanks to years of rigorous discipline that Anzi didn’t leap out of her skin. Instead, she reacted the same way she had when Bastien had surprised her earlier, lashing out with her arm at the source of the unexpected voice while simultaneously sliding backward off the stone railing. But a spark of something indescribable exploded under her skin when she struck warm flesh, and she nearly stumbled. Head reeling, she retreated several swift steps toward the doors before she finally realized who it was before her.

“…Chieftain Kaizat?”

“Do I have to get on my knees for you to stop calling me that?”

She stared in silence at the darkened silhouette half-straddling the balcony wall. She hadn’t bothered to light a candle before coming out here, and with the clouds muffling the faint light of the moon, all she could see was the tousled, almost shaggy black hair

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Trinity Sanders
Can’t wait til she figures out he’s the dragon she fed and chased off when she was a child. The memories are tickling the back of her mind. It’s there she just hasn’t quite put the pieces together! Sooo exciting!!
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Bella Jersey
Come on say NO
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Kaia D
OMGGGGGG! I love love love this! Go Kai go!

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