96 - Shadows

Anzi didn’t want to know how Ash had managed to convince him. All she knew was that Kai was in a towering mood, terrible and brooding, and she could feel it from across the camp. It was fainter here in Qinglong’s tent that had somehow become extremely crowded within the last day—Oza and Letti as well as all three of her dragons along with Rania, too—but she could sense Kai’s anger nonetheless. Something had changed between them without her even noticing, something beyond simple attraction and other mundane feelings. Maybe it had been back when he first kissed her on the bridge, or maybe it had been that day when she had sat by him, watching the healers labor to save his life before the basilisk poison could kill him. Or maybe it had been during the flight here, when she had first tasted real freedom away from the shadow of the Empire.

But things were different now, and the part of her that used to be afraid of defining those very changes—wasn’t so afrai

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I’m so torn. Ash seems so sure that there is no way anzi could have really gone to tet. But could be part of her Druid powers. It also makes so much sense to me that anzi is right.
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So glad they finally came together in more ways that one ... but even with her leaving to go intercept them and try to distract them, they still know where that location is! So regardless Kai and his people need to move and find a new place to hid and recover. And that way Anzi doesn't need to leave!
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Anzi may feel her strength has improved, but Kai still can't completely shift. There are also the other warriors who fought, that aren't 100% battle ready. I hope they can keep everyone safe and away from Tet's clutches.

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