97 - Proof

“You’re running away. I never thought you could be so timid.”

“It’s not about being timid. I knew he would try to stop me. Doesn’t matter what you told him, he would have changed his mind in the end and gotten in my way.”

“Oho, what a chill I feel in the middle of all this heat. Tell me, how do you think he will feel when he wakes up to see you gone?”

“Don’t try to guilt me.” Anzi straightened her uniform. It was in tatters, missing a forearm bracer, a shoulder guard, waist split, half of one pant leg missing. That night in the Imperial City had torn a hole or burst seams in just about everything, especially after the fight with Doufan and the collapse of the dungeon. Even the flight in Shu-Amunet’s massive claws had done their share of damage. But all the better. It would make her story of forced kidnapping more plausible.

“No guilt, then,” Ash snickered. “But some regret? You must be wishing you

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goodnovel comment avatar
Noooooo Anzi!!! There has to be another way!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Trisha Sunshine
So scared for them!
goodnovel comment avatar
See Thao
Me too. The dragging of it all kills me inside lol.

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