98 - Deception

“It’s impossible.”

“Obviously, it’s not,” Anzi snarled, and she shoved Ash’s shoulder in a vain attempt to send her away. But the old woman only stumbled to the side and continued staring into the distance at the unmistakable shape of dragons in flight. “Go! Do you realize what they’ll do if they catch you with me? They’ll drag you along no matter what I say!”

“This makes no sense. There’s not a Druid among them. They can’t sense you. Can’t sense us.”

“If you had listened to me—” No. This wasn’t the time to argue. It would solve nothing. Ash was here and they would take her prisoner if she didn’t get away in time, assuming they hadn’t seen her yet from the sky, but worse, they were too close. Too close! It hadn’t been but a few hours since they had left Kai’s camp, and a dragon in flight could cross the distance they’d traveled in a tenth of that time. She knew better than to hope Bisset wasn’t among them, too, and

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goodnovel comment avatar
Ash is too stubborn. I thought she be more insightful . But she’s been wrong In a lot of ways.
goodnovel comment avatar
I think Tet can communicate with Anzie because he has taken most of the Dragon King's powers. Since he is technically the new dragon King, he is able to communicate with her via mind link.
goodnovel comment avatar
Trisha Sunshine
Ahhh my anxiety!!!

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