Anzi had no time for a poetic entry into battle. She had no time for battle either while she was at it and hoped desperately she could be more assassin instead, striking at vulnerable heart and tearing apart the enemy before they could fight back and resist. But that was impossible. She was faster than any ordinary man, stronger and more agile even in this battered state she’d earned from the night of the great battle, but these men were riders too. First Guards, men of the Premier just like her. Of course she never made it to a killing stroke on the first try and in the first moments of what could only end in the bloodiest ways.

“Get her down!” Benhad shouted from her right, so she went to the left with deadly slices of her sword, aiming for whatever part of the closest man she could reach. When she found only air, she didn’t stop: she pressed on, dashing after her target who backed up into his motionless dragon as he drew his own weapon. She had to br

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Comments (5)
goodnovel comment avatar
I do expect more out of Kai as he is the leader he always getting hurt and hasn’t healed. He needs to kick some more butts. I mean fist through the chest with tet heart was pretty BA but still. Same for anzi the power of the gods and best fighter. She should do more damage.
goodnovel comment avatar
Leslie Dean
I know Anzi is doing what she feels is right. I just hope that Ash dosen't get caught up in the mix. Kai just realized that she is gone and she feels good pain. I love this book!! 🥰💕
goodnovel comment avatar
Kaia D
Ugh I can't take it! I'm going to cry so hard if Ash dies. And I'm so worried about what Anzi will face if she has to return to the city and how Kai and everyone will cope without her. 😭😭😭

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