Chapter 2 - Raphael

Raphael POV

I am known as The shark of NY, I built my fortune, my parents couldn't afford much when I was a kid, so I knew not to ask anything from them, Mum worked 3 jobs and dad had 2 jobs so they could afford private school for me. My years of school were a nightmare, I was poor so I couldn't afford the same things as my colleagues, I couldn't go out for lunch and I definitely couldn't afford a car so I was Bullied. 

Because of that I always kept to myself and I studied hard, getting a full scholarship to Harvard business school, I was the best student of my year and I graduated with merit.

College was messy, I met the love of my life, I thought I was going to marry her and the whole couple shit thing, but boy how wrong I was, she was a slut, and she slept with 3 different guys on the first couple of months we were together. After that I became myself. Cold, Distant, focused on my grades and I joined a gym. Bodybuilding became a passion and made my body desirable to other girls and obviously, I used that to my advantage.

As a CEO I am known as Raphael Lockwood, I invest in small companies when they are almost bankrupt and I transform them, I make a lot of money just buying and selling businesses. I make my own luck, I make my own money and if I need to take someone down to make more money I will. After college, I worked for several big companies so I could learn the ropes, at 22 I got a loan and opened my first Restaurant, after that nothing stopped me. My business grew fast and I made a lot of money, I bought a house for my mother in Miami and I moved to New York. I am the CEO of my company and no one dares to double-cross me.

Besides all of my legitimate business, I am a mafia boss. I control the Italian Mafia in America. From guns to drugs to strip clubs I do it all. I found out I was the heir from the Italian Mafia when my grandfather died, I was 25. I never met him, as my father decided to leave the mafia my grandfather never had the chance to meet me.  My father rejected it all but I didn’t. I was thirsty for money and power. I wanted all. Everything I was entitled to. My cousin Gabriel runs the Things in Italy. We decided to split the duty and rule together. 

I am a great assassin as well, and I do enjoy killing people that deserve it. I live a double life and I’m well proud of it. I am known as The Shark, sometimes both my lives collide and I need to be very careful how I present myself. To the general public, I am just a Rich womaniser CEO, but for high authorities and the crime world I am The Shark and I take my bite.

The Russians are my biggest enemies, me and Gabriel try and keep them away from America and Italy but those bastards are like rats, appear everywhere.


When she closes the door behind her I just want to knock it down and take her with me, who is that woman and what is she doing to me? I've never seen a woman so beautiful in my life.

I get in the backseat of the town car and call Joseph - "I need a background check on Olivia Black, and I want it fast" – I say with a serious tone.

“Sure boss, I’ll get someone right on it” – Joseph relies and I turn off my phone.

I look through the window thinking how could she live in that shitty building, she was worth a lot more than that, and she deserved the world.

I haven't seen women as more than just a fuck, the release of my sperm, an orgasm for years. I knew that women would be a weakness that I couldn't afford, so I'm starting to get really pissed off at myself for thinking about Olivia.

The town car stops in front of my building and I get out getting the lift to my penthouse. I walk towards my private bar and grab a bottle of scotch pouring myself a glass. I finish my drink and walk into my office in as I close the door all the noise from NY stays out, I throw my body into my leather sofa and close my eyes covering them with my arm while holding my glass with my other hand.

"Olivia what are you doing to me?" - I let myself say it out loud.

My phone rings - "what?"

"I got the information on the girl Raph"

"Send it to my email" - and I hung up the phone, I get up holding the bottle of scotch and fill up my glass and walk towards my laptop. I hit print so I can read the information I need.

She is just a regular girl, she studied business in Chicago, moved to NY a couple of years ago, has big student debt., lives on a rented 1 bedroom flat in Brooklyn, works at NYU under Lucas Scott. I bet he wants to fuck her, I bet he already tried, that fucker. I feel uncontrollable anger grow in my chest so I get up and grab the bottle and pour another glass.

When I notice the bottle is empty and I can't stop looking at her photo that is attached to her file, long wavy blonde hair, almond-shaped green eyes, and her oval face, she has a cheeky smile on the photo and I remember her biting her lip. I want to bite her Lip. I start to feel something growing and my black jeans getting tight with the idea of biting her plump lips. 

I open my jeans feeling a bit of relief, I grab my phone and message Brooke "wanna have some fun?" - I walk towards my living room.

"Sure, meet you in 10?"

"Ok" I reply 

10 minutes later I hear her coming out of the Lift and getting inside my flat "fuck I need to change the password" - I think to myself

I take my time having fun with her. She is just a cheap escape for my body. I've got needs that need to be dealt with and she definitely knows what she is doing. I have to admit that I never cared if they reached their pleasure or not. I am the main event and as long as I am satisfied everything is fine.

She leaves my flat annoyed without looking at me. "She’ll get over it" - I say to myself

I walk towards my en-suite and have a cold shower, brush my teeth, and go to bed. I look at Olivia's passport photo on my email on my phone and feel myself drift into dreamland.

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nathan blas
nice story pls give more extra bonus
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It seems his POV was rushed and I was hoping for his view on the thief and trying to rob Olivia.
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Newman Energy
Chapter 2 is seems extremely rushed, and not nearly enough essential details of the rise in my opinion.

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