Chapter 3 - Meeting Mr Lockwood

Olivia POV

I wake up still on my sofa with the light and the TV on, I look at the clock on the wall and I jump out off the sofa as I am late for work, I won't have time to wash my hair.

"Shit, shit, I forgot to set my alarm"

I walk into the bathroom and strip my clothes from the day before, I tie my hair into a messy bun and I turn on the shower and jump inside, I clean the dry blood from my knees and it hurts still. "You are so stupid Liv" - I say to myself getting out of the shower and wrapping myself on a towel.

I turn the music on, on my phone and sing along while getting dressed, the music stops and my phone rings. I grab it and it's Lucas.

"Hey Liv, good morning, can you grab me a latte on your way to work?"

"Good morning, yes but I will be a couple of minutes late, sorry"

"Don't worry about it, class today doesn't start until ten am and we have a Guest speaker today"

I look at the time and it's seven-thirty and I sight.

"Yeah I know" - shit I forgot it was Friday today and the class is later. 

"Ok see you then" – I reply a little annoyed with myself.

"Bye" I answer 

After getting dressed I walk out of my building to find a town car parked in front of my building and the driver looks at me "Miss Black?" - He calls me 

"Yes that's me, can I help you?"

"This car is for you Miss" - he says 

My jaw drops opened "fuck, did Lucas sent me a car?"

"No miss, was Mr Lockwood"

When I hear that name my mind explodes. Lockwood, Raphael Lockwood, it was him yesterday, how could've I been so stupid? I’ve seen photos of him on the tabloids, always with a different woman.

"Oh, tell him thanks but I am ok getting the ferry"- I say offering the driver a smile and I walk away leaving the poor men hanging. But who the fuck did he think he was to send me a car? I owe him nothing, well except my life, but I don't need his charity. I hate being patronised. And oh boy he fucked up big time.

I walk towards the ferry, paying my fee and walking to the top floor of the boat, I like to sit outside and Look at the city while I am arriving. I open my bag and take my book out and I start reading. When we get to Manhattan I put my book back and I click my heels going down the steps to get out of the ferry, then I run to the subway so I can get to NYU. 

I hate the smell on the subway and I start to think that if I accepted the town car I wouldn't have to deal with that smell. When I get to my stop I come out and walk into Starbucks and wait in Line completely distracted by the song that was playing,

"Can I help?" I hear the barista say

"Hi, can I please have a large Latte and a large Mocha please?"

"Sure, what’s the name?”

“Olivia” – I say while she writes the name on the takeaway cups

“It's 8.80$" – she says offering me a smile

I get ready to pay "Here you go" and I give her money, as I get the change and start walking to the end of the counter to wait for the drinks I bump into a big, masculine, hard body

"S-Sorry, Fuck" I let it come out of my mouth as I look at him, Raphael Lockwood dressed in a dark grey suit and a white shirt, the first button was undone and fuck me my legs felt weak to see him dressed like that.

"Would be my pleasure" he smirks

"What? oh" - and then it hit me – “That would never happen” – I let out between my teeth.

"Miss Black" and he nods his head and walks away with his drink, I follow him with my eyes and I see him getting in the same town car that was stopped in front of my house.

I hear my name being called so I grab my drinks and walk out, my heels clicking on the streets of New York was a dream for me, I loved it. I cross the street and I walk into NYU and go straight into Lucas's office. I knock on the door and I hear "come in"

I get in smiling and give him his drink

"Someone is in a good mood" – He says to me with a smile on his face.

It’s been a while since Lucas Scott is trying to get me to go out with him. But I always said no, Anna thinks I should do it, just to get it over with, but I think it's highly inappropriate.

"You know NY does that to me" - I lie, I was thinking about me bumping into Mr sexy.

I walk to my desk and I put all my stuff down on top of it, I sip from my cup and start getting on with work.

I lost track of time grading some papers when I hear someone knocking on the door and my first thought is "it's one of the Bimbos that come drawling all over Lucas".

"Come in," we both say at the same time, Lucas looks at me with a genuine smile.

My body stiffens up when I see who's behind the door.

That Grey suit, that smell of expensive cologne, his scruffy beard, and messy hair. How I wish I could pass my fingers through that hair. “Snap out of it” – I think to myself.

I snap out of it when he stops in front of my desk smiling at me and I hear Lucas introducing us .

"Olivia, this is Raphael Lockwood, Raphael this is Olivia Black, my assistant".

He smiles at me and says "Miss Black"

I feel my face go bright red "Mr Lockwood" I say and shake his hand.

Fuck me, His touch gave me Goosebumps and sent a wave of electric shock all the way down to my body. Although he is sex in legs I would never fall for someone like him. He is a disgusting pig, womaniser and I could never see myself with someone like him. I have some self-respect.

I excuse myself walking towards the bathroom that is at the end of the corridor. I can’t control the physical reaction my body has to his touch. I walk in I look at myself in the mirror supporting my body weight on the sink "Control yourself Liv, you look like a school girl crushing on the captain of the football team"

"Are you crushing on me Miss Black?" – I hear his low and deep voice behind me making me jump.

My legs shake with a hoe he made me jump, I turn my body towards him and he is dangerously close, so close that I could feel his coffee breath near my face.

“Excuse me, personal space?” – I say to him crossing my arms on my chest – “And what are you doing in the ladies bathroom?” – I say with annoyance so he doesn’t realise how affected I am.

Without hesitation he grabs my body and sits me on the sink, my legs like a magnet wrap around his waist and I can feel his hands around my ass.

He leans in and talks in a low voice, like a whisper, near my neck giving me Goosebumps "If you knew what I would do to you right now If I could...."

“Can you please get your hands off of me?” – I say looking into his eyes trying to push his body away from mine but without any success.

“Are you sure Miss Black?” – He asks while plants a small kiss on my exposed neck

“Yes” – I let out between my teeth closing my eyes.

“Your tone of voice says otherwise” – He says pulling away from me with a smirk on his face.

“You’re wrong” – I say as I get down of the sink allowing my feet to touch the floor but our bodies are still dangerously close.

"If I could I would kiss your neck, and then go down your collar bone stopping at your boobs, I would let them out of that little bra of yours and suck them"

I feel my body shake with the expectation of his touch and I say "Too bad you can't" and I make myself out of his reach.

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