Chapter 5 She Was Chosen

Oh no, did he notice?!

Yvonne hurriedly lowered her head as she debated with herself about hiding. However, Henry quickly looked away and seemed to have not noticed her.

Phew. She breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he didn’t notice her.

“Look, Mr. Lancaster. These are all the employees of this company. We are very much looking forward to your arrival.” The executive quickly went over to flatter him.

Henry coldly acknowledged his flattery and led a group of executives behind him into the elevator, showing no interest in the man’s superficial skills.

As the elevator door closed, Yvonne heard everyone around her talking in low voices. People were mostly admiring Henry for his looks and temperament.

Words like ‘beautiful’, ‘handsome’, ‘noble’, and ‘tall’ seemed to be made for him.

Yvonne couldn't be bothered to hear the gossip. She placed her hand over her racing heart and wanted to leave quickly, but she got caught by an overly excited Lynette. “Yvonne, did you see that?! The new CEO is so handsome! I suddenly want to stay in this company forever! Oh my gosh, he’s too handsome!”

“W-Well… Of course.”

Yvonne tried her best to calm herself down, but even her lips were trembling slightly.

She of all people would know how handsome Henry Lancaster was.

She could never forget her first glimpse of him.

Back then, she was still an insignificant person who was always obsessed with getting closer to Henry Lancaster.

When she caught wind of the news that the Lancaster family was choosing a suitable wife for Henry, she plucked up her courage and went for the interview. After giving it all she had, she finally became his wife as she had wished.

But her heart started aching again when she recalled the way Henry looked at her like he was looking at a stranger and told her that he didn’t want a child in the car just now.

Did he not want a child… or did he simply not want her to have his child?

Yvonne sighed, knowing full well that Henry had no intention of disclosing their marriage to anyone else. Since he never mentioned it to the public, she didn’t dare to tell anyone about it either.

Perhaps, this was their marriage...


The company’s top management quickly arranged the CEO’s office and held an executive meeting on the same day.

The former executive rubbed his hands together and asked, “Mr. Lancaster, since it’s your first day at our company, do you want to arrange a new secretary so that you can understand how things work here quicker?”

While saying that, his meaningful gaze fell on several young and beautiful female secretaries.

The man was obviously trying to use women to please the CEO!

Yvonne stood watching at the side and naturally understood the executive’s intention.

How was this any different from introducing women to Henry?

She was even more vexed that Henry didn’t seem to have any intention to refuse his suggestion!

“Good suggestion, Mr. Hendrickson.” Henry stopped in his tracks and looked back.

There weren’t many emotions on his face, but he still managed to make the waiting female secretaries blush. They all gazed shyly at him, hoping to be the chosen one.

“That one then.”

Henry flicked his chin, looking as though he randomly picked someone.

A smile instantly bloomed across the secretary’s face who was standing there as she took a step forward with rosy cheeks.

“Oh, you have a discerning eye, Mr. Lancaster! Miss Shea may be a new employee who just started working here this year, but her work performance is outstanding.” Mr. Hendrickson seized the opportunity to flatter him again.

Henry frowned at him. “I’m talking about the person standing next to her.”

“Next to her?”

Mr. Hendrickson looked over in surprise and saw Yvonne trying to escape with her head lowered.

Since Henry didn’t want to reveal their relationship, Yvonne naturally had to respect his intention. However, she didn’t expect all eyes to suddenly fall on her.

“Umm… Mr. Lancaster, you’re referring to Yvonne Frey?” Mr. Hendrickson was shocked beyond belief.

“Me?” Yvonne snapped her head up in shock. Everyone in the hallway looked at her.

Some were surprised, some seemed to be thinking, and some even looked at her disdainfully!

Even Lynette who was standing next to her didn’t expect the new CEO to choose her friend with just a glance!

“Yvonne!” Lynette tugged on her hand hard then whispered, “Mr. Lancaster chose you! Did you hear that? He really chose you!”

“I heard that.” Yvonne pulled her hand away in pain. She wasn’t deaf, so of course she did.

“Mr. Lancaster, are you sure you want Yvonne Frey to be your secretary?”

Mr. Hendrickson stubbornly asked the same question again with a look of disbelief on his face.

He had worked for the company for a long time, so he obviously knew Yvonne Frey well. She was a dense woman. Why did he pick her as his secretary?
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Hendrickson, you ignorant slut! Don’t call her dense!
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