Chapter 7 Waiting For Her To Get Off Work

Yvonne deliberately spent her entire afternoon in the office. When she finished all the work she had in her hands, it was only three in the afternoon. There was still plenty of time before it was time to get off work.

Seeing that there was really no other way to delay it, she had no choice but to muster up her courage and pick up the phone’s receiver, then dial the CEO’s office.

After being promoted to the position of his personal secretary, she was given an office next to the CEO’s office.

She had the entire room to herself.

The call was picked up very quickly, and she instantly tensed up. “M-Mr. Lancaster? It's me…”

“Prepare me a report of all the projects that the company has accepted in the past year and bring it to me before the end of the day.” The man’s cold voice came through the receiver and ignored her.

“All the projects?” Yvonne’s eyes widened.

Was that a task that can be done alone by one person?!

“Do you have any other questions?” he asked coldly.

“N-No.” Yvonne squeezed the receiver in her hand. Did she even dare to say anything else?

She was the one who offended Henry first so she couldn’t blame anyone.

After hanging up, she was crestfallen.

All the projects...

It seemed like she wouldn’t be getting off work on time today.


She continued working until night without even taking a break and she finally finished the report by nine.

Yvonne stretched her back, then quickly gathered up the documents and delivered them to the CEO’s office. Everyone else was long gone from the office.

“Figures. I’m the only one working overtime. Hmph.”

She muttered under her breath and left the documents on the table before returning to her office to shut down the computer. She picked up her handbag, then trudged out of her workplace in exhaustion.

The streets were quite empty at night. She rubbed her sore waist while taking out her phone to book a cab.

After waiting for nearly twenty minutes, no one accepted her booking.

“What rotten luck!”

She was fuming, but she had no choice but to wait at the nearest bus stop.

She had only taken two steps when she was blinded by a dazzling light. Turning her head around, she noticed a black car.

The car pulled up beside her and the driver rolled down the window. Henry frowned at the woman and couldn’t believe that she had worked overtime until now.

Though he was the one who gave her the task in the first place.

Yvonne was even more surprised that he had waited for her until now...

“Get in.” Henry did not want to talk about this anymore.

“W-Why are you still here?” Yvonne’s eyes widened at him. Didn't this man leave work long ago? Why was he still here? Could it be that he was waiting for her all this while?

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Get in.” He tapped on the steering wheel impatiently, not planning on wasting any time with her.

“A-Alright.” His commanding tone startled her into silence and she hurriedly got in from the passenger side. “Sorry for the trouble. Otherwise, I’d still have to wait for the bus.”

Henry ignored her words. “Fasten your seat belt.”

“Alright.” Yvonne nodded quickly.

The man of her dreams had not only become her husband, but he was also willing to wait for her to get off work and bring her home. The thing she never even dared to dream about in the past had happened.

Was this a dream come true?

Yvonne clenched her hands and didn’t even dare to breathe deeply for fear that she would wake up from this wonderful dream.

The car traveled at a steady speed and the heater was turned on.

Out of the blue, Yvonne suddenly felt uncomfortable. Her rosy face quickly turned pale as cold sweat beaded on her smooth forehead.

Henry, who was sitting next to her, quickly realized that something was wrong and pulled his car to the side of the road. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine, probably just gastric issues.” She pressed on her stomach weakly. “I’ll be fine after eating some food and medicine.”

Her gastric problem wasn’t something new and would occasionally trouble her. However, she had gotten used to it since long ago.

While speaking, the increasing pain caused her to involuntarily hunch over slightly in an attempt to reduce the pain.

“Let’s get it checked out at the hospital,” Henry frowned at her.

The car quickly turned around. Yvonne could only curl up in the car seat from the pain. Looking at the concerned expression on the handsome man’s face, she felt sweet in her heart.

With this man by her side, what was there for her to be afraid of?
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WTF... the man ignores her for three years and that's your dream husband??? yeah I would love a guy that treats me like crap... if this is the lead female I doubt I'll read more
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please don't dream too much I'm not ready to start picking up broken heart pieces.
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It's nice💖

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