Chapter 11 Chasing After The Robber

At the hospital’s gate...

Henry parked his car in front of the hospital entrance and checked the time. He was just in time to catch Yvonne getting discharged from the hospital.

He opened the car door to get out of the car and strode toward the hospital building.

For some reason, he kept thinking about it and couldn’t be at ease unless he went to take a look.

After waiting for so long, Sue still hadn’t come downstairs. This was when he started to realize that something was wrong and went over to check up on them.

As soon as he arrived at the inpatient department, a middle-aged woman blocked his way.

Upon a closer look, the woman looked rather familiar.

“Is there anything I can help you with, madam?"

“Henry, it’s me! You’ve forgotten me? I’m Yvonne’s mother!”

“Oh, it’s you.” Henry took a few more looks at her and vaguely recalled this person.

“Mrs. Frey, are you here to pick up Yvonne?” he asked out of respect.

“Oh, yes. Haha. You can say that.” Yvonne’s mother was acting weird like she always did. She didn’t even dare to meet Henry’s gaze.

Henry frowned, unable to shake off the feeling that she was trying to hide something.

“Where’s Yvonne, Mrs. Frey?”

“Speaking of this, I’m so upset! Yvonne got robbed when she went to withdraw some money just now! I was so angry that I asked her to quickly run after the robber!”

“You let her chase after the robber alone?” Henry’s face sunk. Given how frail Yvonne was, he wasn’t even sure if she was the one chasing the robber or the robber was the one chasing her.

“I’ll go check up on her!”

Ignoring Yvonne’s mother who was still trying to get all chummy with him, Henry rushed into the lobby downstairs and started looking for Yvonne.


At the police station...

Yvonne followed the cop to the station and made a police statement. By the time she was done, it was already getting late and she still had to rush back to the hospital to give her mother the money. Before leaving, she thanked the man who had helped her.

“Thank you again, mister. You even took the trouble to come here with me.”

“It’s alright. I can’t just stand watching and doing nothing in a situation like that.” Elliot smiled and his almond-shaped eyes turned into crescent moons. “I heard you told the cops that your name is Yvonne Frey? Mine’s Elliot Taylor.”

“You’re too kind, Mr. Taylor. I should be thanking you properly, but I still have something urgent to attend to. I’ll definitely find a chance and treat you to a meal next time!”

“What’s so urgent that you don’t even have the time for a meal?” Elliot took a step forward and blocked her way.

The expression on Yvonne’s face instantly turned awkward. Her younger brother was still waiting for the money, but the man seemed sincere and just wanted to be friends with her.

In any case, he had helped her out and she didn’t want to be rude either. “Mr. Taylor, we can…”

“Mister, you can tell me if you need anything.”

While Yvonne was trying to explain herself, a familiar voice rang out over her head.

Before she could even look back, a powerful hand pulled her into his arms.

Yvonne looked up in shock and was greeted by Henry’s stern face.

“Why are you here?”

“I bumped into your mother at the hospital and she told me that you went off chasing after a robber, so I came to check up on you.”

Henry sounded indifferent, but he swept his eyes over Yvonne.

After making sure that she wasn’t injured, his gaze fell on Elliot.

“Hi, I’m Yvonne’s husband. Thank you for helping my wife apprehend the robber,” he said and offered his hand to Elliot.

“Husband? You’re married already, Miss Frey?”

Elliot was surprised. No matter how he looked at Yvonne Frey, she looked like a fresh graduate from university so he didn’t expect that she was actually married.

“I’ve been married for three years now, Mr. Taylor.”

Yvonne showed him the wedding ring on her ring finger. This was the first time she heard Henry verbally acknowledging their marriage.

“Sorry, mister. We still have other matters to attend to. If you would like to ask for some rewards, we can talk about it later.”

Henry nodded to the man politely. After giving Elliot his business card, he took Yvonne back to the car.

“By the way, how… did you find out I was at the police station?” Yvonne asked cautiously after getting into the car.

“Someone on the streets saw both of you.”

He answered coldly without any emotions on his face as usual.

“I see…”

Yvonne lowered her head in disappointment. She could still feel the warmth from Henry’s palm on her shoulder.

She thought that he would definitely be very worried about her, but it seemed like it was all in her head.

Henry started his car and then asked, “Your mother told me something. Are you short on money right now?”

In order to get her money back, she disregarded her personal safety and chased after the robber. Fortunately, someone helped her out this time. Henry couldn’t imagine what would’ve happened if Yvonne had chased the robber down alone or if the robber carried a weapon with him.

Yvonne kept her head lowered and said nothing.

The car instantly turned silent. A moment later, Henry spoke up again. “If you really need money, you can tell me. I’ll give it to you.”

“It’s alright, I don’t need your money.” Unexpectedly, Yvonne refused very quickly.

Although she really needed money right now, she didn’t need any help from other people.

Especially not from Henry Lancaster.

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