Chapter 13 Who Is Jacqueline Conrad?

“Henry, why did you give my mom that much money?” Yvonne cautiously asked as both of them descended the stairs.

Why did he give that much money?

Was it to show that he cared for her, or was he just used to measuring someone’s worth with money?

“No particular reason.”

Henry’s attitude remained indifferent. After ordering her to get in the car and fasten her seatbelt, he started the car with his eyebrows knitted together all this while.

Looking back at it now, his action was indeed not within his expectations.

In fact, he was rather surprised to find that he would actually be a little angry at a greedy and biased woman like Mrs. Frey.

As for the extra money… he would just give it away to make up for Yvonne.


Yvonne wanted to say something else, but swallowed her words along with the guilt in her throat when she saw the expression on his face.

After receiving so much money for no reason, she didn’t know how to make up for it.

When they returned home, Henry just told her to rest more then went out again shortly later.

Feeling extremely flustered, she ended up tossing and turning all night on the bed, unable to get a wink of sleep.

The next morning, Yvonne got up from the bed with panda eyes.

She thought about it all night. It would seem like she could only pay the seven hundred thousand dollars back by working a lifetime for Henry.

“Madam, the breakfast has been prepared. Are you awake?” Sue’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“Yes Sue, I’m coming now.”

Yvonne quickly got up, washed up and changed her clothes. By the time she got downstairs, Henry was already seated at the dining table eating his breakfast.

She subconsciously slowed down a little.

The relationship between her and Henry seemed to have suddenly changed from husband and wife to that of a creditor and debtor, though they had never been like a married couple in the first place.

Henry only cast a glance upstairs and didn’t pay much attention to her. After he was done with breakfast, he stood up and wiped his hands clean with a napkin. “I’ll wait for you outside,” he told her with his usual dull voice.

“Alright, I’ll be done soon!”

Yvonne didn't dare to let him wait too long. She shoved her breakfast down and hurriedly went out.

Henry dropped her off at the same intersection as agreed previously.

Yvonne quickly strode to her workplace and was about to punch in for work when she overheard her colleagues’ discussion next to her.

“Look at that, I guess having a backing is really different. The new CEO promoted her to a secretary on his first day at the company. Not everyone gets that kind of preferential treatment.”

“Maybe that isn’t the case at all. Perhaps she is just more skilled in some other thing and managed to hook up with the CEO!”

Lynette overheard the gossip and was about to talk some sense into them out of anger.

However, Yvonne stopped her just in time. “Forget it, Lyn! We can’t control whatever people want to say.”

“These people only know how to gossip!” Lynette shot a glare at them.

“Let’s go, we need to work soon.”

After staying in the company for so long, she was naturally aware of the office politics here and had long gotten used to it.

She returned to her office and sorted out the documents requested by Henry before sending them over.

From today onward, she would work hard so that she could pay off her debt as soon as possible!

“...Henry, Jacqueline Conrad’s surgery has been set. Were you the one who arranged it? You even had your assistant send a huge sum of money to that woman. Is that her compensation?”

Yvonne was just about to knock on the CEO’s office door when she overheard the conversation going on inside. The voice sounded rather familiar to her.

This voice… She vaguely recalled that she had heard it during their wedding.

What were they talking about?

Something about asking his assistant to send money and alleviating his feelings of guilt?

Who was… Jacqueline Conrad?

Why didn’t she know all this?

Yvonne suppressed the uneasy feelings welling up in her as she pressed her ear against the door, trying to eavesdrop on the conversation better. However, the door was suddenly opened and she lost her balance.

Yvonne was caught off guard and fell forward in shock.

Powerful arms caught her in her moment of peril and she heard a joking voice coming from above her. “Why are you here, sis-in-law? Were you eavesdropping on us?”

“N-No, I’m not…”

Yvonne blushed at being addressed as a ‘sis-in-law’ and scrambled to get up. “Don’t call me that again!”

The person in front of her was none other than Henry’s good buddy, Shane Summers!

She glanced around nervously and was relieved to find that there were no other people around them. Fortunately, her identity wasn’t exposed.

Shane was amused by her nervousness. He knew Yvonne’s personality, more or less.

She wasn’t the type of girl that Henry would like. In fact, he had only married her because his grandfather picked Yvonne for her innocent personality.

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