Chapter 15 Do You Know Him Very Well?

“Yvonne, how long do you still need to work on these documents? It’s past twelve already! Shall we go downstairs for lunch first?”

“No, I can’t.” Yvonne raised her head as she rubbed her sore arms and looked at Lynette over the piles of documents on her desk. “I still have these many documents to look through, Lyn. If I can’t finish them today, I’ll definitely have to work overtime tonight until god knows what time.”

If she was going to work overtime until the wee hours of the night, she probably wouldn’t be able to catch a cab home and might end up sleeping in the office.

“Why do you have so many documents to go through?” Lynette frowned. “Do you need to get them done within today? My god! Who can possibly finish this? Why is Mr. Lancaster being this ruthless?”

“I can’t help it either…” she sighed. “I told you from the beginning that Mr. Lancaster isn’t easy to get along with. He’s also very strict in doing things and can’t tolerate any flaws. To him, handling all the tasks perfectly is a responsibility that all employees must fulfill. He doesn’t even care if you’re exhausted or not.”

Yvonne spoke very softly, afraid that the people in the CEO’s office would hear it.

“Really?!” Lynette widened her eyes. “Luckily I wasn’t picked back then. Otherwise, I would definitely die from exhaustion!”

After saying that, she cast a careful glance at the CEO’s office before whispering, “Yvonne, it’s only been a few days since you were appointed as his secretary. Why do you sound like you know Mr. Lancaster very well?”

Yvonne was at a loss for words. Just when she was trying to find an excuse to gloss over things, she heard movements outside the door.

She immediately followed the noise with her gaze and only saw Shane coming out of the CEO’s office, calling someone on his phone. He looked at her with great interest and Yvonne wondered if he’d overheard their conversation.

Upon seeing the situation, Lynette quickly slid out of her office for fear of getting into trouble again.

Shane watched her leave in confusion, then went into Yvonne’s office. “Sis-in-law, do I look that scary? Why did your friend leave as soon as she saw me?”

“No? You must have made a mistake!” Yvonne couldn’t help feeling guilty after gossiping about Henry earlier and subconsciously tried to explain herself. “Maybe my friend is shy because Mr. Summers is too handsome, so she ran away.”

“Really?” The smile on Shane’s face broadened.

Coming from a wealthy family, Shane had received a lot of flatteries over the years. Yet no one was as direct as Yvonne, so that caught him a little off guard.

Yvonne noticed the unusual expression on his face, then instantly realized that she had said something wrong and flew into a panic. “W-Wait, no, I was only talking nonsense! Please don’t take it to heart, Mr. Summers!”

Tortured by the pile of documents on her desk all morning and secretly saying a few bad things about Henry to her good friend, she only found a random excuse to gloss over things for fear that Shane would find out about their conversation.

She didn’t expect to make things even worse!

Yvonne and Shane had only met a few times. She was indeed speaking too rashly to someone who was pretty much a stranger to her.

“It’s okay. I knew sis-in-law was joking with me.” Shane smiled at her. “You don’t need to be a stranger around me. I’ve known Henry for a very long time. Since you’re his wife, you’re pretty much my sister-in-law.”

“I-Is that so…?”

She breathed a sigh of relief, but her eyes dimmed a little. “Well, I’m not sure how much longer I can be your sister-in-law…”

“What are you talking about, sis-in-law?”

“No, nothing.” Yvonne shook her head and concealed her feelings.

Shane’s smile broadened when he saw Yvonne’s reaction. He threw another glance at the CEO’s office then said, “Oh right, I heard your company has organized a welcoming party for Henry. You’ll be there, right?”

“Welcoming party?” Yvonne blinked at him. There was indeed such a thing.

Since Henry had taken over the company, the former upper management would naturally organize a party to welcome him.

Everyone in the company knew about this already and Henry had also invited a few friends over for social networking purposes.

“I’m still deciding if I’m going.”

She looked at the documents on her desk with a headache. How could she bring herself to attend a party if she couldn’t finish her work?

Shane seemed to understand her difficulties and left without asking more questions.
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