Chapter 23 A Welcoming Party

Yvonne left the study, went downstairs to get some cleaning tools, and cleaned up the mess in front of Henry’s party before returning to the room.

The next day, she showed up at work looking like a panda. Lynette was shocked when she saw Yvonne. “Dang, what did you do last night? Steal your neighbor’s cow?”

“Don’t sit here, you’ll get into trouble if someone sees you.” Yvonne pushed Lynette off her desk. “I didn’t steal any cow. I just had nightmares all night.”

“All night?”

“Yeah. It just repeats over and over again. What torture.” Yvonne yawned, looking listless with her bloodshot eyes.

She didn’t manage to sleep for almost an entire night. As soon as she closed her eyes, she kept seeing dreams of Henry asking someone to forcefully take her bone marrow when she refused to be a donor.

The dream felt so real and terrifying that she wondered if Henry would really do that to her if she didn’t agree to be the donor.

“Just what kind of nightmare did you have?” Lynette leaned closer
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Saba Akhter
Why is it in a different language?
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Genalyn Remigio
can you lock some chapter?i pitty yvonne eventually amdire her for loving her husband unconditionally
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Lornz Baguiwa
Next please

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