Chapter 25 Why Didn’t You Fight Back?

The knee-length red long-sleeved dress that Yvonne was wearing cost her nearly three hundred dollars.

Although it was far less luxurious than an evening dress, she thought it was a decent attire for the occasion.

“Of course there’s something wrong with it!” The secretary curled her lips in disgust and spoke in an accusing tone, “It wouldn’t be a problem if you were an ordinary employee. But since you are Mr. Lancaster’s secretary, you represent the image of the company. Coming to a party dressed like this, you’re not only embarrassing the secretary team but also Mr. Lancaster and the company, you know?”

“Embarrassed?” Yvonne pursed her lips. “I don’t think I’ve embarrassed anyone but you people…”

Her gaze fell on the three secretaries but they were rendered speechless.

They were really dressed provocatively.

“What are you staring at, Yvonne Frey?” The secretary covered up her chest and glared at Yvonne.

Yvonne retracted her gaze and gave them a small smile. “I remember Mr. Lanca
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The next chapter is in another language. Is there a way to translate it into English?
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Nora Quiñanola
I was like hanging my neck when the next chapter suddenly switch to Indonesian pissed off.
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Leonida Palacol Ta
how can I understand this if this is not in English language.

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