Chapter 26 Dressed In A Hundred And Fifty Grand

Henry ignored her question and walked away with hands in his pockets.

Yvonne pouted and shrank as she followed behind him.

“Yo, the hero is back from rescuing the damsel in distress?” Shane put his phone down and teased when he saw Henry returning with Yvonne.

Henry went over to take a seat on the sofa without even looking at him.

Shane wasn’t even bothered by his indifference. He grinned and waved at Yvonne. “We meet again, sis-in-law!”

Yvonne nodded to him slightly. “Hello.”

“What happened to you?” Shane asked the obvious when he saw the state she was in.

“I…” Yvonne didn’t know how to answer him and seemed a little embarrassed.

She couldn’t possibly tell an outsider that she had just gotten bullied.

It would be so embarrassing.

Henry pointed to the door and told Shane, “Alright, get out now!”

“Fine, fine, I’ll get going and leave you lovebirds alone.” Shane shrugged and left the lounge.

When he exited the room, he saw Joe standing guard by the door. An idea suddenly popp
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