Chapter 738 Wake Up

There were no emotions in Henry's eyes. "I want her to wish she were dead!"

Although Shane frowned, he didn't stop Henry from making his decision.

He was a doctor. He must be uncomfortable and unwilling to hear such words.

But he was Yvonne's friend and even an admirer of her. The woman he loved had become like this. If he had a holy heart at this time, he would be sorry for the woman he loved.

Indeed he was a doctor, but he was also a human!

Shane patted Henry on the shoulder and supported him. He said, "Okay, go ahead then."

Henry looked at him without speaking. He brushed his hand away. "Not in a hurry now."

"Not in a hurry?" Shane was a little unhappy. "Then when do you plan to do it?"

Henry looked at the ward behind him. "I’ll wait until Yvonne wakes up."

Shane had nothing to say.

After a while, he nodded. "That's fine. You can wait then. Yvonne's anesthesia should last three hours, and then she should wake up."

Henry hummed.

At this time, Sue said suddenly, "Sir,
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