Chapter 2

 Jenne's pov

  "What?!!! Bankrupt?"

 I was outraged by the news, I couldn't believe in my ear what I just heard. Our business lawyer stood in front of us with a black folder.

  My father never looked at me the whole time. His head was down.

 I watched as he sat there emotionless. His fingers entwined together.

 I stood up immediately from the seat and faced the lawyer in front of us.

  "That's not possible. We have millions in the bank. Where did it all go?!" I asked, frowning.

 "Mr Wang, the document send by the government says that you had withdrawn a large amount from the bank for investment, as well as you haven't paid off all your loans". He completely ignored me and spoke to my dad.

"And??" I asked, curious.

 The man turned to me, annoyed.

 "And to pay off all the debts, we have to take all your personal assets, your house, cars, jewellery, business and if needed, we will also have to take out money from your family members accounts. If the amount isn't paid back, then Mr Wang will be sent to jail".

 My dad stood up, bewildered, but managed to maintain his calm infront of the lawyer.

  "How much is the debt?"

 "250 million dollars". The man said, scanning through his black folder.

 "What?!" I yelled.

  This is insane. How are we going to pay that much?

 "How much do the assets add up to pay off the debt?"

 My dad asked him with his cold voice. Although I know inside, he was as panicked and distress as I was, he was good at hiding his emotion.

 "By selling off all cars, it adds up to 2 million and including jewellery there will be 280 thousand extra, as for your telecom business it will gain you 120 million". The man calculated everything with his calculator.

 "That only adds up to 122 million and 280 thousand", I said, frustrated.

 "How are we going to pay the remaining 127,720,000 million?"

 My father finally spoke; frustration can be heard in his voice.

 The man began again with his calculator.

 "If we deduct money from your family members account, which will be 3 million from your daughter's account, 2 million from your son's account and another 2 from your wife's, then the sum can be decreased".

  "That still leaves us with 120,780,000 million."

 The man sighed and began.

 "That only leaves us with one option". He said, placing his folder on the glass table.

 "What?" I asked .

 "Put the mansion on auction for the remaining amount, if anyone is willing to buy it, that is".

 I looked at my dad. He looked down, thinking something before he said.

 "Fine," dad said, defeated. His head hung low.

 The atmosphere was chilly, and the silence crept over.

 From that moment, I knew it wasn't going to be the same anymore. We will be living on the streets.

 We have nothing left.....nothing...


 The ride back home was tranquil. None of us spoke. Dad simply went back to his room and didn't even come out for dinner. The dining table was not the same as before, as everyone shared and cared about their food, we used to laugh and chat, but now, everything seemed sad and dead.

 I had told Mum and Rean about it, and they were also depressed.

 I went to check on my dad after, but all I saw through the tiny gap was holding a bottle of booze with a dead expression.

 Watching his state made me tear up. I ran back from there and entered my room, crying with a hand covering my mouth.

 I slammed the door shut and slid down behind it. Falling on the floor and crying my heart out.

 I've always seen my dad work hard for us, he stayed up all night long to do his paperwork to earn more money for us.

  And here we are finished...

 I won't blame anyone for anything, but I will work hard to bring my family back together and have all our happiness back. I will take dad's place and work it out till my body wears out, but I will get back what my family truly deserves. After all, I'm the oldest child of this family, so it's my responsibility to go to take care of them.

Meanwhile somewhere else

 David's pov

The place hasn't changed one bit. Most of the things are the same as before. My mom was in a coma for 11 years, finally, she is awake now. I am really eager to meet her.

  I gently opened the door and saw the woman I love and respect and carved for 11 years was finally infront of me.

 My mom...

 She was as gorgeous as always, She was lying on the bed covered with the duvet, and her brown eyes lit up after seeing me.


 I teared up after hearing my name pronounced by my mom after such a long time.

 She tried getting up from the bed, but I ran up to her and stopped her.

  "M-Mum", I quickly hugged her.

 All I could hear was my mom's awful cries echoing in the room before.

 "Shh, I'm back mom, Your son is finally here," I said, wiping her tears. She smiled at me and wipe my tears too.

"David" she hugged me back.

 I couldn't stop my tears. The happy tears just wanted their way out.

 "What a handsome man you have become".

 She smiled while looking at me.

 "Why wouldn't I be? you are, my mother after all".

  She chuckled but soon silenced.

 There was a pause as I heard nothing but pin-drop silence before it was broken.

 "11 years passed after........what happened".

 She spoke. Although I could sense the crack in her voice. She was about to cry but managed to hold it in. Seeing this, I quickly embraced her in my arms.

 My tears decided to flow again, remembering my past, but I wiped them off.

 "Don't you worry, Mum, I promise they will all pay".

 I gritted my teeth while remembering that man.

 She didn't say Anything, but I understood her answer.

 "I love you, Mum".

 "I love you too, son."

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