Chapter 4

I can never forget this mansion. There is a saying that a wound can be healed by time, but the scar would always remain,I would never forget the nightmare this mansion and the people who lived in this mansion given to me. Although it has been 11 years, I still remember everything that happens on that dark night.

 Hesitatingly, I stepped a foot inside the gate and slowly walked in; the place looked the same as the way I had seen it last time. The maze was perfectly hedged as well, I wonder who does it nowadays?

 I walked further in before stumbling upon was an old man.

 "Watch where you're going".

 His voice was rough, but when he stood up to face me, I was glad I found him.


 It was that same man who helped me in my miserable time. I would forget anyone but not this man. He had gotten very old, though. White hair and a really skinny body.

 "You?" He pointed at me. Looki

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