Chapter 5

 Mr Wang's pov

 I watched my surroundings. Ugh, disappointing!! I can't believe this is what I'm living in! An old staffs cottage. That too, the one I've got it built for the staffs. This is how they took care of it? Ridiculous.

 "Honey, would you like to eat something? We surprisingly have a supply of food in here. Looks like the kid did keep his promise".


 I managed to scare my wife and son at the sudden outburst.


 "I'm sorry Honey. It's just...he must have a motive. He isn't doing this for us or being generous. He...surely has a reason." I sat back down on the dirty couch, thinking.

 He's the son of a mafia. Indeed he's rich but not stupid.

 What does he want?

 I'm sure enough it has something to do with J

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