Chapter 6

 David's pov

 What a beautiful night. Those stars in the dark night, the breeze, the balcony. Here I am wrapped in only a black robe and sweatpants enjoying my view.

 *closes eyes to relax*

 Ugh...but there's something wrong with this room!

 I immediately opened my eyes to search for what's bothering me. Nothing.

 What is it? Really?

 Is it the colour? The ornament-?......ohhhh.

 Oh David, you stupid, this room belonged to fucking Wang. No wonder why I can't find peace in here.

 Ughhh...I can't sleep in here. Not at all.

 After grabbing my phone off the balcony's coffee table, I marched myself out of the room to find peace in another one. I visited various kinds.

 "Opens door*

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