Jenne's POV

 "This is a bad idea, Jack." I used his famous line as my eyes trailed down to my luggage full of sexy lingeries that he had packed.

 "No, it isn't." He mocked, sticking his tongue out. Then, he proceeds on packing more necessary stuff for the night of my life (he said).

 I took one of the lingerie using my thumb, and index finger as my face contorts in disgust.

 "How can people call these a pair of clothes?" I studied the lingerie that would fully reveal my bums, covering only the V part of my front with my breasts on full display, only covering the nipples.

 "This is the same as being naked, Jack. I would look like a total slut on this." I put them back in the luggage and studied other lingeries in it.

 "To you, it might look the same as being naked, but to men... Boy oh boy, it was as if

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