02. Love Sick

"If it is real, it will never be over"

~ Unknown

I was shocked to see who it was.

''Everett?'' I question, unsure of my eyesight all of a sudden.

He just stands there, busy munching my pancakes. He stops for a moment only to give me a big toothy grin and then resumes.

What the!?

''EVERETTTTTT!!'' I cry yell. ''Mom! Dad! are you guys not going to say something?'' I urge exasperated.

Mom and dad just laugh.

They laugh!


My pancakes were being chomped up by my lunatic of a big brother that I unfortunately had and my parents were laughing!

Can this morning get any worse??

Everett finished the contents of my plate, then licked it and burped loudly. As if stealing my food was not good enough to rile me up.

He puts down the plate on the counter before making his way to me, I glare up at him warningly. He ignores my death glares and pulls me into a bear hug. All the anger that I had for him vanishes as quickly as it came, I hug him back with a small smile.

Everett was my older brother, by older I mean really older.

Everett was 37 years old and I was 17 years old. We were 20 years apart.

Yes, we are real siblings. We even share the same blue eyes but his hairs are brown, I swear Everett was dad's walking clone, the only difference between them was his lack of beard as dad's. He was even lucky enough to get dad's tall 6'0 height. Both of them were walking towers in our home. 

But characteristically speaking I am the cooler sibling and I take pride in the fact.

Mom and dad had Everett when dad was 19 and mom was 17. High school love was quiet evident if I must say. 

Mom had some complications during her pregnancy and after the birth of Everett doctor recommended my parents to not try for another baby as it could risk mom's health. 

Life went on, mom and dad raised Everett. During this time mom had two miscarriages which left her devastated but she still had a son to keep her sane.

At the age of 19, Everett came home with his pregnant girlfriend Bridget. My parents welcomed her with open arms as they were reminded of their own youthful days.

Everett and Bridget had a beautiful baby girl whom they named Rose.

Now here comes the interesting part, during the sixth month of Bridget's pregnancy, mom found out that she was pregnant with me! No one was really sure if I was going to make it or not. But lucky me, I survived.

Rose is 6 months older than me. I know my family is not normal but I couldn't ask for another.

We all love each other with our whole heart. Everett was ecstatic, learning that finally he got the chance of becoming a big brother.

Rose and I get along with each other very well, we don't have that awkward niece-aunt tension between us. We are more like friends as we grew up doing all type of fun adventures together.

Everett always says that he has two daughters Rose and I. I am lucky to have him as my brother and a father figure altogether.

Everett is happily married now. He lives with Bridget in their own home, they also have a 12 year old son William.

Everett visits us about 2-3 times a week but rarely in the morning, that is why I was shocked to see him at this time.

And by morning I realise that he just ate my breakfast!!

I push away from his hug and smack his head hard then glare at him. Brother or not, no one messes with my food.

He just chuckles, shaking his head he says a small ''sorry'', he turns towards our parents and hug them individually.

''How do we owe the pleasure of your presence at this time?'' dad teases with a light laugh ''Come on dad, can't I visit my own house whenever I want?'' He pouted a bit, which looked horrible on him.

I scrunch up my face, he must have noticed it because he faces me and pouts a bit more. I couldn't help but laugh at his antics and so does he.

''Tina, is your alarm clock dead or alive?'' he questions making everyone laugh, I look down embarrassed, they knew how much I hate alarm clocks and I had the record for breaking them the most.

I shrug nonchalantly ''alive, for now..'' my words gain more laughter from my family  ''I have already bought a new one in case you need it, and yes it does not break easily, I got it specially for you.'' He grins widely.

I groan thinking how that was not good. I suddenly glance at the clock, shoot! 8:50, school starts at 9. I am going to be late today.

I underestimated this morning I guess.

Everett noticed my turmoil because he offered me a ride. I don't waste time and barge out of the house but not before bidding goodbye to my parents.

I happily hop in his car thanking the lord that I'll make it on time.

I reach school at 8:57 am. I thanked Everett and kissed him on his cheek. I make my way towards my source of education.

Believe it or not but I was a smart student. I never had problems with grades.

I was not a nerd either, just in between you know. I walk towards my locker and put in my code. ''Hey beautiful'' I hear a thick voice whisper in my ear.

I instantly smile as I recognise who it is ''Sammyyy!!'' I squeal and turn around to hug my best friend Sam.

''Damn! How do you always know that it's me?'' He asks annoyed which makes me laugh ''I even changed my voice this time.'' He huffed.

''It doesn't matter how many voices you change, I will always know it's you sammy.'' He glares at me playfully before ruffling up my hairs, I push him away chuckling ''Hello bitches!" came the sound of my other best friend Olivia. Sam and I snicker as Olivia come's in our view.

She looked tired. Aww, My poor baby must be up all night studying again.

''In which trash can did you sleep last night Olive?'' Sam joked. Olivia just glares in response ''not funny guys! I've been up all night trying to study that stupid history test Mr. Thompson assigned us!'' She stomped her feet in annoyance.

''We had a test??'' Sam asks horrified. ''don't worry Sammy it's easy, I didn't study either.'' I assure him to make him feel at ease.

''That's not fair Tina! you are smart, you will pass." He whines like a baby "Where the hell was I when he assigned the test?'' He asked mostly to himself, ''well you were busy flirting with that new transfer student smart ass.'' Olive reminds bitterly.

Well Olivia here has a little crush on Sam who is clueless as hell. She has made me promise to not say a word to him. 

Me, Sam and Olivia have been best friends since 3rd grade. We've been inseparable since then, we've been in a lot of trouble because of our mischievousness.

Sam was the tallest in our group, he was handsome and he knew it, he used it to his advantage by hooking up with girls. Sam has short blonde hair and blue eyes, he is 6'0, has a nice body with muscles at the right places. He is the funny and carefree one in our group, joking and pulling pranks all the time. His carefree attitude tends to effect his studies at times but Olive and I take care of that.

Next is Olivia, our Olive. She is shy but with us she is the complete opposite like a wild bear. Olivia is 5'4 with fiery red hair just like anger, her forest green eyes are vibrant, she has the ideal figure not to curvy and not to less.

It is sad to witness that Sam didn't see her the way she saw him. The sound of ringing bell alerted us for our first period. Olive and I had English together and Sam had stats.

''My ladies, see you later.'' he saluted us and jogged away towards his guy friends, giving them bro hugs and fist bumps then walked with them to his class.

''Come on Olive or we will be late.'' I said to her as I hurriedly take out my English book from my locker.

When I don't receive any reply I turn towards her and find her looking at the empty corridor where Sam was standing a minute ago.

My poor baby, I pull her towards me and slap her hard.

''Tina! What was that for??'' she shrieked ''For standing here like a love sick puppy and not doing anything while other girls are all over your man.'' I semi yelled at her.

''He's not my man, an-and if he does not feel the same way? I'm scared of being rejected or worse if he would end our friendship?'' she voices out her doubts getting teary eyed. I couldn't do much but feel sorry for her. She had made me promise to stay out of this.

''Olive you should at least give it a try, who knows maybe things would work out between you two.'' I tried to cheer her but she sighed ''I guess maybe.''

I slapped her once again. ''now what??'' she glares with a hand on her cheek making me chuckle ''we're late because of you lover girl.''I point out, finally we walk to our class.

The day went by quiet fast with nothing new out of ordinary, before I knew it was time for lunch. We went to the cafeteria. I scanned around to look for Sammy and found him sucking one of the cheerleaders face.

I glance beside me and no doubt Olive had a sad expression on her face. She looked at me sensing my gaze and gave me a fake smile. I grab her hand and pull her with me towards Sam.

''Sam!'' I call him sternly. Thankfully he heard me seeing as he stopped sucking the cheerleaders face and glanced at us, he smiled and pushed the cheerleader off of him but not before whispering something in her ear which made her giggle.

Bitch doesn't even know how to giggle, looks like she's choking, I roll my eyes mentally.

''Hi ladies.'' he greets us clapping his hands together and looking at us with a expectant smile. I take a seat opposite to him but notice Olive just standing still in front of our table. She glares him hard then stomps her feet and marches away towards the exit.

''What's up with her ass?'' he asks looking puzzled ''you tell me?'' I fire back. ''How the fuck am I supposed to know? She's been acting weird lately, have you noticed Tina?'' He asks me confused.

''Sam, I think you know what is up with her, quit playing around.'' I couldn't hide my irritation in my voice. Sam acting dumb is now getting on my nerves, like seriously dude the signs are all clear.

''I don't know what's up with you two these days, I'll go get her.'' He said with a sigh and stood up, he jogged towards the direction where Olive went before.

Time passed by and the bell for next period rang.

 Where are these two?? I sat alone today.

I angrily stand up and make my way to search for my so called best friends. I search the library, girls restroom and some other classes but there was no sign of them.

I sigh and decide to give up, I make my way to history class. I was just passing the janitor's room when I hear someone moaning. Curiosity got the best of me, and before I know I find myself opening the door.

My eyes widen in shock at the sight in front of me.


I know this chapter is long and boring but it is to show Tina's social life and how normal her life was before the havoc comes.

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Jazsime Angeles
I didn't find it boring at all, it shows her as a normal girl

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