05. Hot Italians

You call it chaos I call it family


I took the dress from her "go get a shower the beauticians will be here soon." I said and she nodded then went to the rest room.

I decided to get a quick snack and start getting ready myself.

I made my way downstairs but something in the living room caught my eye.

Curious Valentina was on high alert.

I turned towards the living room. 4 unknown men came in my view standing with my brother and dad. 3 of them were in black suites with sunglasses and an ear piece. They seemed like bodyguards.

The 4th man. Was in a suite and his back was facing me.

"Fidati di me, non tradirò questa volta!" (Trust me I won't betray this time!) Everett said through clenched teeth.

What!?? Everett can speak Italian?? I must be imagining things right? How does my brother knows Italian and I don't??

"fiducia!?" (trust!?) The man chuckled but it seemed more forced.

"lo zio non si fida più di te. Io e il mio uomo resteremo con te finché il matrimonio non sarà completato" (uncle doesn't trust you anymore. Me and my man are going to stay with you till the wedding isn't completed) said the same men sternly, his voice was rough.

Everett glared the man, and if looks could kill he would be 6 feet under.

"Tina what are you dong here?'' dad asked confused, he was the first to notice me. "uhh? Mee? Oh yeah, I was headed to the kitchen for a quick snack. Who are they?'' I asked bluntly, pointing towards the men.

The man turned around and faced me as he heard me speaking.

He was hot! That is the first thing that came in my mind as I observed the italian in front of me.

Short black hair with dark eyes. He was about 6'2, taller than dad and Everett. He was wearing a tux suite with a bow, his shirt was tight on his muscle clad body. Damn he worked out. He had high cheekbones. In other words he was hot and beautiful.

I didn't notice I was staring. The handsome man was observing me quietly the whole time with his pitch black eyes. He had a blank expression.

I couldn't tell what he was thinking. Before Dad could answer me, the handsome man walked towards me. I composed myself. Tina act normal I said to myself

"Angelo'' he introduced himself in his thick accent, with his right hand held infront of me. I stood there for a second and then I placed my hand in his, he had a strong but firm grip "Valentina'' I replied politely he nodded and gave me a warm smile then made his way back to dad and Everett.

The tension was thick in the room so I slipped away quietly.

How much I wanted to know what they were talking about. Guess I'll find out later.

Food calls now.


After filling my tummy I took a quick shower and went towards my bed to look at my dress. I was the bridesmaid.

I heard some sounds coming from outside. I peaked from my window and saw 5 SUV's parked in front of our house. And about 15 men standing outside. What is going on? I asked myself.

Looks like the groom was eager to get his wife.

I looked at my dress, the dress was a dark green one shoulder maxi with a side slit.

 After getting dressed up I turned to my vanity. I went for light makeup I liked to keep it natural, I took out my favorite blood red lipstick and applied it. don't know why but I loved dark shade lipsticks.

My makeup was always minimum but my lips were always coated with dark colored lipsticks, It made me feel confident.

I looked towards my reflection, Satisfied with my look. It was time for hairs. I let them loose in beach curls I hummed in satisfaction.

I looked at the time 3:00. Two hours is left.

I decided to go downstairs to check on everyone I made my way to the living room there was no one.

Suddenly I heard someone suck in a breath. I turned around to face another stranger. He didn't seem like a bodyguard but more like the boss. You could tell he was someone of power. He radiated power.

He seemed in his mid thirties. Tan skin, dark green eyes. They were nothing compared to Olivia's, her eyes held softness and purity but this man in front of me, his were the total opposite.

Dark, scary, and most of all sinful. Even Angelo's dark eyes could not be compared with this men. 

He had black hair that were neatly combed back. He was 6'4 with a sharp jawline.

He was in a grey suite that was attached to his muscled body. He was in great shape. One could tell he worked out regularly with his big strong muscles that were outlined. He was a little more muscular then Angelo.I didn't know I was staring again that makes twice in one day until I heard a little laugh      

I didn't know I was staring again that makes twice in one day until I heard a little laugh. "done staring picollo?'' (Little one) he had a heavy accent.

I immediately knew he belonged from the grooms family. I blushed hard and looked at my feet as they were the most interesting thing in the world.

"I'm sorry where are my manners?'' He came towards me in two long strides "Antonio.'' he held his hand in front of me.

"Valentina.'' I placed my hand in his and smiled politely. He captured it a firm grip and kissed my knuckles I blushed profusely.

"If you don't mind may I ask who you are?'' I asked hesitantly. "I'm Alessandro's uncle.'' he smiled warmly "Alessandro?'' I asked confused.

Antonio shot up one of his perfect eyebrows. "The groom..'' he replied looking at me skeptically.

Oh shitt!

Valentina what the hell! you don't know the grooms name. He must think how stupid you are.

I blushed hard and could not hide my embarrassment.

"by the look of your face I suppose you didn't know who Alessandro was.'' he rather stated than asked. "May I get the honor to know about the beautiful lady?'' I blushed again.

What is happening with me. Why am I blushing so much. Put your act together Tina I scolded myself mentally.

I looked at Antonio and saw him looking at me with a frown on his face. Now he surely thinks I'm some psycho who broke down in the house and pretended to be a family member so I can eat free food in the wedding.

I was brought back from my train of thought by the sound of antonio clearing his throat. He must be waiting for me to answer him.

"Yes? Yes I'm Rose's aunt.'' I replied cheekily. He laughed lightly "wow the aunt and uncle.'' I also chuckled yeah I didn't notice that.

"Well I must say Rose has a beautiful aunt '' he said looking at me intensely.

I just blushed more. Yeah blush Tina! fucking blush!

Well it's not my fault. No boy really gave much attention to me this is new.

I excused myself saying I needed to check on the bride. "I hope to see you soon.'' He said with his eyes boring deep inside my soul I nodded with a tight smile and went upstairs.

Sure he was handsome but I got a bad vibe from him. It's better I keep a distance from him.

I sighed and made my way towards Rose room then knocked the door.

No response.

I knocked again and then again but still no response.

I started to get impatient and my heart started to beat erratically. Something's not right.

I opened the door and the room was empty.

Calm down Tina, Check the washroom.

Yes the washroom. I bolted towards the washroom not caring that I'm wearing heels. I knocked the door still no response "Rose you in their?'' I asked impatiently.

I couldn't wait anymore and opened the door.

Guess what?

It was empty.

Just great!


I started to walk frantically in the room.

Shit! shit! shit!

Rose ran away, what do I do?

Then suddenly Something caught my eye as I was pacing the room. 


There are a lot of grammatical mistakes from this chapter onwards but don't worry I'll edit them soon.

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Chay Pardo
Grammatical errors were so minimal….that it doesn’t lessen the beauty of the story…beautiful story

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