07. Strong

If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it.


 I was staring myself in the mirror. I've changed in the brides dress.

In Rose dress.

It was a floral A-line gown, with a sweetheart neckline and lace straps That reveal a deep V-back.

 The dress was stunning.

But it was more of Rose preference than mine.

It was a litte tight for me. Rose was tall and had a killer model like figure. And then there was me I was short and had curves.

The dress attached to me like a second skin. Half of my breast were showing, much to my dismay because of the deep neckline.

I felt a little uncomfortable.

I shake the thoughts and smoothed the fine lines of the dress.

I retouched my makeup and Bridget did my hair. Mom handed me a bouquet of rose.

They were sobbing silently. I was just numb not knowing how things took such a drastic turn.

One minute I was headed to the brides room to help her and the other I stood in front of the mirror being the bride myself.

A soft knock interrupted my thoughts. It was Everett he looked at me with tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry baby." he whispered.

I walked towards him and pulled him into a hug. That will make him feel better I know.

"Everything's fine now Everett." I assured him and kissed the side of his cheek. "you look beautiful." he said with a sad smile. I nodded with a small smile of my own.

"Let's go." he said motioning me to take his hand. "where's dad?" I asked "he will meet us at the church.'' He replied.

I nodded and made way to the limousine that was parked in front of the house.

Everett helped me get in the car and then he himself came from the other door.

I drifted back to my thoughts that were not ready to let me live in peace even for a minute.

How bad would it be marrying a total stranger and shifting to another country far away from your loved ones.

And top it all off, he is a mafia leader. Not bad I think, I sighed.

I didn't no much about the men that I was getting married to in few minutes time. Apart from his name and little information I got from Everett.

To be honest I wanted to keep it that way. The little information was hard to register. With more information I don't trust myself that I would be able to walk down the aisle.

Valentina stay strong. I motivated myself.

Yes.. Strong! that is the word that I'll always remember. This word will give me strength to fight in every situation.

After all my name Valentina means strong. I wasn't named Valentina just because my parents loved the name. Oh no! They gave me the name because of a reason.

They always said I was a strong child. I was strong since I was in my mother's womb. They told me how many complications mom faced while carrying me but I still managed to make it in this world.

Even after I was born I was a very small and weak baby, mom said when I was born I was infected with something that caused blood to come from my joining lines of body. Such as behind my ear, my wrist and other joining lines of my body.

I would cry all night long because of the pain. After 6 months I was normal but still weak. Dad used to say it was the most tough time for mom and him to watch there infant cry and unable to do anything.

But I stayed strong I managed through such pain even when I didn't understand amything.

I always looked up to dad and Everett and wished to be like them. I admired the way they both took care of their families, how they provided for us, loved us.

As I grew up I always fought the different problems that faced me I never coward away.

Mom always said that I should've been a boy because of my attitude towards life.

I analyzed the situation and worked on a solution. Panic and disappointed was never my thing. I liked to be calm in any nerve wrecking situation. It made it easy for me.

Whether it was a test that I didn't study for or mom caught me doing one of mischievousness or any other situation. I always reminded myself to stay strong and calm.

And sometimes sarcasm helped too.

This is what I'm going to do again this time. I'll face this as I faced other things in my life. My life was normal no tragedies or abusive childhood thank god.

But the new life I'm about to enter no doubt carries violence and blood shed. They are mafia people this is there life and soon would be mine too.

I prepared myself so that it would be easy to accept my new life and family. Acceptance plays an important role in everybody's life.

My acceptance does not mean that I will leave my present life behind. No that is not possible for me, this is a part of me that can never leave me. whatever happens I'll always make sure to keep the old Valentina alive.

I know this new lifestyle is going to be difficult but I'll remain STRONG.

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erica caniuqueo
I got a daughter named Valentina... Because of this exact story same reason... ...️
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Sneha Sunil Khamkar
very boring ....stretched too much

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