08. I Do

Eye contact, how souls catch fire.


The car halted in front of the church. I was so busy in my thoughts that I didn't even realize how fast we reached, I gazed at the church through the window it was a small but beautiful.

This is the place from where everything will change the moment I step inside.

I will step inside as an immature normal teenager girl, But will walk out with a new identity and purpose. I will be a women, and most of all wife of a mafia leader.

Everything is going to change forever I wouldn't be able to back down now.

Am I ready?

Am I willing to sacrifice my happiness, freedom and family for an agreement?

Yes! Definitely yes, I'll do it for my family. I'm not brave as Rose, I cannot run away and not think about my family.

I would be worried sick, It would be impossible to move on, I would always have guilt eating me up.

I may be strong but this is something I can't bear. Family over everything I believe.

Everett opened his side of the door and stepped outside. He walked towards my side and opened the door, he held his hand in front of me. I took a deep breathe.

I gently placed my hand in his extended one. He helped me out of the car.

We started walking towards the entrance. It seemed like forever to reach the stairs. I felt like each of my foot was tied down by 100 kg wait. Each step had my heart racing wildly.

Second thoughts were clouding my mind. "you still got time tina.'' my Subconscious said "turn around and look what you are leaving behind your FREEDOM'', "He is a mafia lord tina... he's cruel'' I stopped midway and took a deep breathe.

"Tina?'' Everett asked concerned. "I'm fine.'' I forced a smile on my face.

You cannot back out now tina. I gave myself a prep talk clearly ignoring my subconscious. Your brother's life is in danger think about Mom, Dad, Bridget, William.

Oh William.. he is just a kid entering his teenage days. He needs a family more than anything right now.

"Let's go'' I pulled Everett a little. He stared at me then nodded. We entered the church and I fealt like my heart would explode any moment. I was trying to regulate my breathing without Everett noticing which was clearly hard.

Dad was standing at the corner his head low like he was in deep thought. "Dad'' I whispered. He looked up at me slowly as he was unsure to look at me. We made eye contact, His eyes were red. He's been crying.

"Princess'' dad walked towards me with slow steps. He cupped my face with trembling hands "you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.'' a tear escaped my eye. I chuckled "and you are the most emotional dad I've ever seen.'' I tried to lighten the mood. We both chuckled lightly.

"I'm sorry.'' Everett's Voice cracked. He started to cry "Ever..'' he cut me "No Tina.. Let me say this.. Please.'' he begged me with his eyes. I stood there waiting for him to complete.

"I'm sorry Tina that I could not be the best brother. I'm sorry that I failed everyone I disappointed you all. It was my duty to keep you all save But.. I am the worst son, husband, father and brother'' he cried hard at the last part.

"Shh! You are my lad.. You are anything but a disappointment.'' Dad took us both in a bear hug and kissed our foreheads "let's do this.'' I said and received small smiles in response.

Both of them took my one arm and stood at my each side. I wanted both dad and Everett to walk me down the aisle. I don't care what the traditions are. Nothing is happening according to my choice, At least one thing should happen as I desire, It is my wedding too.

The doors opened. And I couldn't help but let out a shaky breathe. Dad rubbed soothing circles at my back, That felt better.

I gazed down my feet the whole time we walked down the aisle. I could not look around me. I knew one glance around and I'll fall apar I could feel the piercing gaze of everyone on me.

You can do this Valentina you are strong.

Suddenly we all stopped. And so did my heart for a brief second. This must be the hundredth time that my heart stopped in the past 10 minutes.

I knew what was going to happen.

This is it.

Infront of me stands the priest and my future husband. I still had my gaze down.

Dad took my right hand and moved it forward. I followed my gaze with my hand. Another big and strong hand came in my view.


Dad gently placed my hand in the outstretched hand of my future husband. I closed my eyes.

As soon as our skin came in contact and he clasped my hand, My eyes opened quickly. And with all my strength that was left in me. I lifted my eyes and looked in the eyes of his.

My breathe hitched.

Stormy grey eyes were staring back at my ocean blue ones. We both stared at each other. His piercing grey eyes they were like a raging storm.

They resembled like the grey angry clouds that would come before it rain heavily.

They were blank but I found myself lost and mesmerized by them.

He had a firm but strong grip of my hand. His hands were so big compared to my small one's.

Someone cleared their throat making us both come out of our trance.

I could tell he was also observing me the same way as I was doing with him.

Alessandro gently tugged my hand motioning me to step forward. I climbed the two small steps and then stood in front of him.

We both stared at each other for a brief moment then he turned his attention towards the priest.

The priest addressed the guest and started with the ceremony. I didn't give much attention to what he said, All my attention was towards Alessandro.

He was gorgeous no breathtaking no beautiful, what happened to me I asked disbelieved to myself.

But he was handsome no doubt how could I not compliment this handsome devil.

He was like a mythological Greek God. With his tan skin, Straight nose, High cheekbones, His jaw...

Oh my..

It could slice through a thin paper that's how sharp his jaw was. He was 6'4, I was nothing as compared to him. He was muscular. More muscular then Antonio and Angelo. But it suited him he looked so intimidating and mysterious.

My gaze flicked to his stormy orbs that have left me mesmerized the moment I stared in them.

His eyes they were so cold and emotionless. When we first stared in each others eyes. He had no sign of emotion in them, They were blank. And that is what was making me restless. How can someone's eyes be so..

So empty?

He didn't glance at me even once and there was me who could not move her eyes from this fine specimen who Would be my husband soon.

I felt happy for the first time after all the chaos. Atleast I'll have a handsome husband, I hold back my Chuckle.

It was pretty clear he was also forced in this marriage like Rose. He was ready to get done with the wedding and move on in his life like it was a simple business meeting.

The priest voice cut in through my thoughts.

"Alessandro Romano, do you take Valentina Smith to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as you both shall live?"

Antonio translated the vows in italian to Alessandro. I didn't even notice Antonio and Angelo were standing beside him the whole time. I was so caught up figuring this mysterious men in front of me.

I was confused does Alessandro not understand english?

"lo voglio" "I do" came his deep voice. His voice was so deep hr had a thick accent, ofcourse he is italian after all.

I swear an electric shock went through my whole body when I heard his rich voice. His voice was as hard as his personality.

It was time for me to say those two words, the words that will tie me to this men for my whole life until death do us apart.

After I utter those words, I'll no longer have a free will. I'll be part of the most dangerous mafia in the world. My life will take a 360° turn.

The priest faced me and started to repeat the same vows.

"Valentina Smith, do you take Alessandro Romano to be your wedded husband, to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him, for as long as you both shall live?"

My mind was pulling me in two different directions. One was pushing me to accept my new life and the other was reminding me of how big of a mistake I was doing.

The priest gave me an annoyed look, Because I was being late. He probably has more weddings to attend that's why he looks in a hurry.

I looked at Alessandro he was looking straight. Not even glancing at me. This is how my life is going to be I guess him ignoring me till eternity.

I took a deep breathe "I do'' I said softly. Alessandro gazed at me as soon as the words left my lips. He seemed shocked but it went as fast as it came. Maybe I'm being delusional.

Suddenly Alessandro grabbed my left hand my hand and pulled it towards him. I stared at him with panic.

What is he doing?

He then slipped a beautiful ring in my ring finger It was beautiful. It was slightly tight. After all it was rose size not mine. The thought made me sad but I brushed if off.

Mom gave me a ring. I took a hold of Alessandro's hand, my heart beat quickened. No it was not because of love at first sight it was because I was nervous and scared. I slipped the ring in his finger. It was a simple band. I retreated my hand quickly.

All this time he stood their emotionless.

"I now pronounce you Husband and wife, you may kiss the bride'' the preast announced. My breathe hitched.

That god damn priest! now he is not late for his other weddings?

Alessandro leaned in towards me. His eyes staring back at mine. He's my husband I can't stop him. I closed my eyes and prepared myself.

But what he did surprised me. He gave my cheek a quick peck barely even touching my skin with his lips.

I opened my eyes in shock only to meet his stormy ones staring back at me.

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