16. A Chance

Just be with me. We'll figure out the details later.

~Perry Poetry

For rest of the day I was left all alone in my room not even Christine came in to ask for food.

I was standing by the window gazing at the stars. The nights here in Italy are a little chilly compared to the warm days.

But nevertheless everything about here is beautiful and refreshing.

The sky is full of stars, I found myself gazing at them for the past hour and thinking about all the thinks most of all my husband.

No matter how bad experience we have had with each other in the past I feel myself attracted towards him.

I can't say I like him yet but he has turned tolerable for me, I don't see myself getting angry at him.

I know he killed people, slapped me and locked me in a

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Elisha Eli
i really enjoy this book hehehe just 1 chapter a day its to high price
goodnovel comment avatar
Larissa McCullough
All of the paragraphs are getting shorter with more spaces in between?
goodnovel comment avatar
Cassie Levesque
Haha kill em with kindness girl!!

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