25. Invitation

Just enough madness to make her interesting.


"He what!?" I gaped at her shocked which made her lean back a little.

I think I scared her. I mentally smacked my head.

"Mrs. Rom.." "Valentina" I cut her in between "huh?" Her face contoured in confusion.

"Call me Valentina instead of Mrs. Romano." I said with a warm smile.

"Oh! Ok M- Valentina" she corrected herself. "So as I was saying that Ca- Mr. Romano has sent me to teach you Italian." she gave me a tight lipped smile but I didn't miss her almost referring to Alessandro as Capo.

I brushed it off as I got excited at the mention of him sending Cara. That means he actually thought about what I said. It means he cares. I couldn't help but smile internally.

"Should I gather the staff?" I ask expectantly looking at her, she

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Toddra Brown
I love the fact that she is strong married to a mafia
goodnovel comment avatar
Makvivy Aniche
So far, so good. Loving the story
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De Ocampo-Nonay Fumar-Parquilla Janine
i am really on to the story but its getting higher in unlocking the next chapters😔

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