63. Mrs. Romano

"After all, soulmates always end up together."



"Hmm?" I tilt my head upwards to have a better view of Alessandro, he was deep in thoughts while stroking my hairs. "I want to name our daughter Aida." he says placing his hand on my protruding stomach.

"It means happiness." He kisses my forehead, explaining further.

I chuckle at his words, "that is a beautiful name but how are you so sure that it's going to be a girl? What if it's a boy?" I ask curiously as I place my hand above his.

This was pure bliss.

Him, me and our baby. No problems, no lies, no past.. Just us, our world.

"If it is a boy, then we will make another one so it would be a girl" he says with a big smile as if he has it all figured out, I laugh heartedly "that's not how it works, what if the

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Raquel Navarrete
Thank you author for this beautiful story .God bless you and more power...️
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Lorra Stinnett
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Alicia Plazo Cayube
thank you author for a wonderful story, l love it & lm gonna miss all the characters especially Allesandro & Valantina..hoping to feel the same excitement w/ your other story "Celeste" & more stories to read frm you, l pray for more strength & good health, Godbless.

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