Meeting With The Ambassador 2

They arrived at the palace, changed their outfit in Elsa's room and snuck into Dawn's chambers.

"There you are Dawn," the queen said.

Dawn and Elsa were shocked.


"Greetings Your Majesty," Elsa greeted.

"I came by your chambers earlier, your attendants said you were not so sound, that you said you wanted to rest and no one should disturb you."

"Yes mother, I'm sorry they didn't notify me of your arrival."

"No, its all right, they were doing their jobs. I'm just glad you are better now, seeing you are strolling the palace grounds".

"Yes, mother. Thank you for your concern."

"Ohhh, lest I forget, we would be having dinner with our guests."

"Ohh I see, all right mother, I'll be on time for dinner."

"Very well dear. See you soon".  The queen and her Lady royal and attendants all leave. Da

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