Meeting The Ambassador 3

After her relaxing bath, her maids assisted her in dressing up. Once again she was a beauty to behold.

"Our princess is blessed by the Heavens, no matter the outfit, she is always pretty. " said Adella.

Dawn simply smiles at them as she looks at her reflection in the mirror. She thinks again to when she touched Nick.

"What was that feeling I felt when our hands touched? It felt right, like it was meant to be meeting him. He is funny and a good company "

She recalls how he pushed at her chest and she faintly blushed.

"What is wrong with you Dawn. You have a mission at hand, get these distractions away. You need to try and persuade father and mother. " she mentally scolded herself.

She shakes her head and nods for her maids to open the door.

She headed out of her chambers and straight to the dinning room.

The doors open and she gently walk to wher

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