Out Again

She hurries through the passages,  steps till they got to Elsa's room.

They hurried in all the while  watching their surroundings.

"Come in your highness "

They both entered the small chambers Elsa lived in. Elsa goes to her wardrobe and brought out a simple maid outfit and handed it to the princess, while she gets another similar one and began changing.  Meanwhile Dawn had gone to the changing room.

Minutes later they were both through dressing up. Elsa brings out two cloaks and passed one on to Dawn's waiting arms and they both put it on.

"Ready? "

"Ready your highness "

Dawn nods and Elsa opens the door and they walked briskly away.

Soon they had escaped the prison called the royal castle. And into the the town they went. There they paid for two horses, a white mane and a brown mane. Th

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