How It All Began

It was a pretty cool morning in April.

In an upscale apartment in the nicer parts of the city, a woman bussled around in her home, making breakfast for her family. Her husband, Mr James was getting dressed for the day while her 11-year-old daughter Bliss, was still asleep. Bliss was the second child of her parents, her elder brother, Bradley, was in high school already.

"Get up Bliss, it's morning"

Mrs Vera entered her daughter's room, lightly shaking her as she murmured.

"Can I sleep a while longer?"

Bliss intended to get herself a few extra minutes for sleeping but her mother seemed to have read her mind

"You can, if you intended to not sit for you exams."

She groaned, wanting to turn around and continue sleeping when the words stuck

Bliss jumped up, running into the bathroom. Just before she shut the door she remembered

 'Good morning Mom'

She didn't wait for a reply as she jumped into the bathroom. Speedily picking up her toothbrush, she brushed her teeth and quickly took her bath. She rushed out of the bathroom, only for her to meet her mom who was standing in front of her dresser picking out her clothes.

  'Did you wash your undies young lady?'

Blushing, she ran back into the bathroom to wash her inner wears. She had never had to wash them before her father suddenly decided that she would also attend a boarding school as her elder brother did. And in response, her Mom had decided that she needed to learn how to wash her undies and socks beginning her journey of Independence.

After washing up, Bliss headed into her room and dressed up in her uniform, a black gown with white designs one white collar and sleeves. She headed to the dining room.

"Good morning Dad" she greeted as she entered

"Good morning Angel" Her dad responded "How was your night"

"I slept like a baby"

"Baby dragon, you mean, snores, drool and all".

"Dad," the little girl shouted, trying to think up a counter attack but failing miserably. She shut up walking to her seat and picking up a slice of bread.

"Are you sure you've brushed your teeth" 

Kenzie rolled her eyes, determined not to say a word in reply, she really did not want to say a words extra to her dad as the man's favorite thing in the world was squabbling and that job she would happily leave to her elder brother. As she ate, her dad came over, gave her a peck on her forehead 

"I'm off sweetheart, have a nice day and do well to smash your papers. Success" then he walked over to her mom and muttered some words goodbyes she thought and subsequently left.

Finishing up, she headed to her room to take her bag as she walked down once more and helped her mom finish up.

They headed to the examination Venue.

The exams were set for 9am that morning and she had arrived an hour plus before yet the grounds were already bustling with people. They are students from many schools, parents, siblings and friends. 

Looking around she had seen people with an entire family accompanying them. She laughed, imagining what her brother would have said if he was there

"Imagine, they came with their family, friends and well-wishers, including 3 generations. Sha it could be her village people's meeting day". Her brother was a very sacastic person, his words incredibly caustic but she loved him.

She found a seat closer to the venue and away from other panicking students. Her mom had long found a seat far away asking her to find her only when she was done with her papers. 

As she sat there, her brain going through the things she'd learnt in her head when someone sat to her left "Hey, I'm Chelsea, nice to meet you". 

She turned it was a light skinned girl, with pretty ghana weaving dressed in the light blue shirt and dark blue bottom of the Elite Academy. The girl was quite cute and bubbly. "I'm Bliss. My pleasure". Bliss behaved like a little adult of course, Bliss thought, I won't lose to her. The girl smiled "You are the first". Bliss looked up "First in what?". "To reply me with such finesse. Let's be friends. Which school did you apply for?".

Bliss was speechless, her mom had always told her to choose her friends and to never let her friends choose her. Besides, this was her first time meeting someone who unilaterally decided on issues without giving the other party a chance to refuse. Still she answered "Royal College".

Chelsea had instantly hugged her saying,"Let's smash the exams then. We look somewhat alike, we could become best friends and twin all the time". Be just like that dazed Bliss had a new hyperactive best friend and twin.

It wasn't long before a middle aged lady walked to the front of the building where the examination was to hold carrying a huge book and started giving instructions about the exams after which she began calling names. It was approximately forty five minutes to the beginning of the paper, the students called would have to show his/her credentials as well as under go a full body check while queuing up. It soon got to her turn and was surprised to find out that Chelsea was only a couple of seats away. Chelsea squealed, her response eliciting various stares her way, to which Bliss only gave her an eyerole.

The exams soon began under the watchful eyes of the invigilators all who seemed to have hawk eyes. Several students were sent out of the hall, for varying degrees of examination misconduct and malpractice.

Bliss had immediately focused on her papers, her expression, serious as she dealt with her questions. Royal College was considered one.of the best institutions in the country as it was one of the unity colleges in the country as such their examinations were abnormally tough so as to sieve out only the cream of the crop who could represent the school and the country as a whole in any ramifications.

As she focused, she realizes that a lot of the questions were things she'd come across in her textbooks and her brother's JSS1 notes which he had made her read. As she first answered the questions she was familiar with and moved on to the ones she was unfamiliar with, Bliss lost track of time her hand flying across her sheet, her shadings appearing neat and quickly across the sheet. Soon she heard the invigilator say "30 minutes more" to which she dropped her pen and began cross checking her work. When she was sure there where no mistakes, she focused her attention back on the questions she'd not done and began randomly answer them. She had just dropped her papers when the teacher spoke up "10 minutes more". She went through her papers one more time submitting them when the teacher said "pens up". As she was leaving the hall, she was attacked by  folding flying cranes, which seemed to bear their owners vengeance for her. She turned and  met Chelsea's eyes which were filled with tears. "What's wrong". She hadn't known the other girl for long but if there was something she knew, it was that the other girl was very bubbly and seemed to never get sad. "Was it the papers? Were they difficult?" Chelsea had stared at her for a few seconds before saying "What cat and dog papers? It's all you joor, I thought we were friends but you seemed to have forgotten my very existence". Bliss.stared at her in shock, the only words running through her head was "Drama Queen".

"Come along then, I'll take you see my mom but won't your family be upset at your absence?"

Chelsea smiled, her previously disrurbed face long gone. "My brother will be here around 2pm and that's about an hour away". 

And so both headed off to see Bliss' mom

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