From Hate to Love
From Hate to Love
Author: Esther Adebusola


Marie Richwood POV

Hazel eyes were what woke me up on an early Monday morning, swinging up and down on my pink princess sized bed

“George get out of my room” I shouted at my fifteen year old brother

“Fine but mummy says go take your bath and come eat”

I got up and shoved him to the door before going to the bathroom after making sure he left

He left the room in his brown pajamas pants and shirt, grinning like a crazed hyena, I know it might be rude to call my brother that, but trust me he deserves the name, he is overly energetic I guess he bundles all the energy that was supposed to be used for house chores and empties it all on troubling my very existence

Though I can’t claim not giving him retribution, There was a particular period I had warned him not to wear a certain indoor slipper of mine which was unisex and very eye catchy, Dad had gotten me the slipper as one of my 17th birthday gift, it had various colours on it and was uniquely shaped and had a fluffy feeling when one wears it, George accidentally according to

him had mistakenly put it in the washing machines with his clothes that shed colour, the slipper had come out in different shades and colour, it was so disgusting yet he had secretly dropped it back in my room all wet discretely placing it under my bed like nothing had happened to it, I found out only later in the night and the next morning my dear brother came tumbling down the stairs like Jack and Jill only he was not fetching the water but tripping over the water.

In fact I knew I found the revenge perfect for George, by chance he happened to step on soap just as he stepped out of his room which was directly in front of the stairs and he did a little dance and rolling over down the 12 steps down to the main floor. When George woke up in the hospital he told my parents the truth but they just ignored him since George was more of a mischief maker as I was, and was told to focus more on recuperating

According to my parents” it was highly possible he was a victim of his own game plan and I just happened to be with my mom in the kitchen at that hour so it was highly impossible that I was the perpetrator”

My parents didn’t think much of it and George ended up sucking up to his leg being put in a cast, his conduct was so funny I couldn’t help posting it on our school website

Oh Dear me, George refused to go to school for a whole week after his cast was removed claiming he had the flu

Life was so fun and I practically ruled Dale High school, I was the official Queen bee, better not get on my bad side, I have the looks to compliment my status, even the toughest of the boys do what I tell them to do just by me giving them a cute puppy dog face, it works all the time, though I made sure to stay away from the violence craved once

My mom told me I got her killer looks, blond hair, a well-rounded figure with the curve in the right places and I have a full bust which completed my queenly figure and am able to distract a lot of people to my benefit. To the extent that no one would believe me if I told them that I was a virgin. The boys come running when I call and the girls practically adore me everything was going on fine with me being empress at Dale till Dad came with the sad story of Dad being posted to South Africa from his workplace and since it was a long term contract with the company and since he did not to be separated from his family for that long

There was no way anyone could kick a fuss, we had all seen it coming, Dad had been making trips to and fro to the country in question for years now he was the one in charge of the contract deal

When he made the announcement at dinner a week before it had been like I was in a trance and the situation did not affect me at all Dad had begun his apologies from Mom since it was going to really affect her cause she owned a baking school in the city, then he apologized to George and I his expression calm and cold like my physics lecturer Mrs Hill, she was such a lively and warm woman on the inside but on the surface and to most of the kids at school you only see a cold hearted strict disciplinarian who is insistent on shoving newton’s law down their throat for them to swallow and fully digest it before excreting it out during the exams

I knew Dad was sincerely sorry his work will disrupt our lives so I quietly mourned my loss and my wonderful prestige at Dale High, I have no one to bully and flaunt my perfect figure at anymore so the only question I had to ask Dad is “What will happen to me Dad I am the Queen of Dale High?“

Dad had looked at me with a painful expression that even with my status as badass queen bee I didn’t have the heart to pull that on my Dad, I raised up my hand for him to dismiss the question but my Dad will not let it go

“Marie “he said looking straight into my eyes taking a hold of my hand as he did so “am sorry I have disrupt your life and separate you from your friends but the thought of me being separated from you for seven years is more painful to me, Don’t call me a selfish person but I value my family so much to leave you guys for that long period of time”

He turned to George with the same pleading look, I hate to see any him look pathetic even though I love making people feel pathetic and inferior to me, I could never bare to see such look from my family members ever except George who was so fun to tease

George on the other hand just sat still like a statue I guess he was going to miss Stacy his longtime crush and

a close friend that he never had the heart to ask out, the whole lot was still hard to get down for fifteen year old George Richwood, his short wavy hair sat messy as if a raccoon had a run it, his almond shaped eyes glowing bright with tears if it had been some other time I would have taken a picture but now just the thought of lifting the despair and deserted look off my family members was the only thing that occupied my mind

So I asked Dad to tell us about the people in it and the exact location of the country

“We are on our way to South Africa and my Trox Group of company over there wants to have a long standing deal with us, Sorry Sugar but that is all I can tell you for now the move is a highly confidential one I hope you understand me sugar” My dad said between apologies

“Don’t worry we are going to be staying at the company’s estate and it’s such a refined place” And that was the end of that dinner that day

Now the current day of our flying to South Africa, I lingered in the shower just letting the water slide over my skin, reluctant to get out for the first time feeling lonely in all my seventeen years of age

I did not have any friends I will miss except my minions Sasha and Trisha who I love calling twin Geisha, since they somehow had the figure of a geisha they might not probably miss me since I made their life miserably hell

Dale High students might miss me, in the terms of being relieved am finally gone, but I vow to be back as soon as am eighteen Dad would not be able to stop me, I will be able to make my own decisions

It got to me now though, while everyone had people they would miss for the love and over they have been shone over the years, the feeling was strange to me so I just shrugged it off, feeling down was not my style, I was the one who made other feel it not me myself, with a flick of my blond hair, I left the bathroom, putting on my clothes sluggishly though I still added a lot of finesse to my dressing, Beauty Queen is still around,  I began to drag my luggage downstairs

and get ready for the long journey to Africa.

Dad had better have something good prepared well the world was still mine to rule, with my mind blowing beauty as my flatterers would put it

Well Africa here I come

This queen bee is coming to make her presence known !!!

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