Immediately I left the class, I made my way to the assembly ground where it seems Principal awaited my arrival, I observed his every move, he was every inch the principal, I was watching his every move that I couldn’t help but question myself if he was anything like my father since

Birds of a feather flock together right?

I made my way towards him to give him the customary greeting since I wasn’t able to completely analyze him

“Good morning sir” I greeted, he stopped what he was doing and looked back at me, a wide grin spreading across his face, he extended his hands to me which I took shaking it in turn, as I made to leave he dragged me back his ever ready plastered smile on his face

“Cyrus, why don’t you lead the Assembly for today? You should be like your father when we were both in school he was the perfect example for others students and till now he hasn’t failed …..” he said talking on and on

he hasn’t failed the world but to his family, to his son he has a Giant F result awaiting him

“You can go “he said pointing towards the stage, I was discarded, I was right again he was trying to look for my father in me, that’s why he keeps describing me as a model student to others

what an error!!

I signed in defeat, before making my way to the stage, greeting other teachers on my way, I finally got to the podium where I stood like a statue, feeling the gaze of the principal on me again got me working, I began to conduct the other students though I wasn’t feared much my handsome face did the work, I always wonder how the girls still like me I was so especially cold towards them

The national anthem was about to begin when I saw that beautiful golden hair shining brightly in the sun, she was using a fan to shade herself from the sun,  she looked towards the stage before turning to say something to her friends

She made friends so easily she had been in the school for just a day and yet she could pack such minions while I have been in school but I was rarely talked to unless it was the case of my classmates not clear with an assignment or they were looking for a scapegoat to represent them at the students/teachers meetings where each class has to pick a representative normally it was supposed to be the class monitor but mysteriously the Class monitor usually falls sick on the date assigned  which leaves me as the next available option

I watched her come close, she joined the line for our class at the back talking nonstop her minions, immediately she got close, the assembly ground became rowdy and noisy, Boys were filled with desire while the girls were filled with envy

I tried to stop the noise but to no avail A mesmerizing beauty had arrived


Finally the assembly was over and we all fled from the agony inflicted upon us by the sun to the comfort of our classroom, walking steadily from the assembly ground I entered the class, miss beauty was still not on sit, I settled on my chair, getting ready for the day’s lecture

Sure enough Miss beauty soon walked in talking merrily with her minions who said a hurried goodbye to her at the door and went to their own sits, I could smell  her sweet perfume as she took her sit, letting her

hair fall to the side, her hair was plastered all over the desk creating a very tempting posture

I swallowed hurriedly focusing my attention on my books, I was still trying to open the book when a tall handsome silhouette I recognize as Richard the school playboy who he derives pleasure in going for the school beauties only it was a pity his relationships do not last a month

I ignored his existence but that could not stop me from hearing their conversation

“The name’s Richard “ he said extending a hand, she took the hand shaking it vigorously she applied a little more strength to her grip

Completely ignoring their existence I focused on bringing out the textbook we have for the first period , I began arranging my books on my desk, I tried to block out their discussion as the current glitch in my life flirted away not giving a care for anything.

I wondered how a girl could be so shameless, today was just her first day at school, yet she was agreeing to attend a pool party with him, this is Africa not America, where you dial 911 and it comes running in the blink of an eye, and boys like Richard are only looking for conquests to boost their ego

What a foolish princess

“So, I will pick you up after school” Richard offered, caressing her white skin, gently fiddling with it, a surge of anger wen t to me as he did that

She giggled giving her consent, the sound making all the boys around to flush and look at her obsessively, wanting to do nothing but to rip her clothes off and make love to her

Richard plaid his time, the teacher was going to be in the classroom soon, he decided to fast track his game ”Can I get your number?” Using the same lame pickup line every lame guy has used in history

Wanting to cut off his ruse, I bent down as I wanted to pick up a book, my hand went straight to the siren, but it was broken, I wondered how, I was fully in charge of it and the other students knew better than to touch it, I will not spare them. Principal Francis is going to have a fit, and then he will judiciously tell my Dad

From the corner of my eye, I caught a sly curve up of a lip, I turned to look at it fully, a set of sexy lips painted in red stared back at me, they were enchanting, Marie winked at me, smiling like a devil, she switched to her cute innocent act in front of Richard, who went on talking to her like the gullible idiot he was

I stared blankly at her, what she devil did they bring close to me? What sort of trouble is this?

She was definitely throwing herself as bait, she just was not aware.

She shouldn’t have messed with me, I will express my opinions to her in action later only it wouldn’t be the act or prank she was expecting, I will show her a different type of action that will make her run kilometers away from me.

I don’t do friends, I was much of a loner and the earlier I put an end to this charade the better, the little minx would get the shock of her life in Library class

The teacher entered the room carrying his books, we all stood up to greet as usual, Marie’s mouth slid open at the action, it was new to her definitely, she turned to me to complain but I ignored her and hid my face in my Mathematics Textbook

After a while, I glanced at her, she was fidgeting around in her sit, totally uncomfortable, she would stop and smile sweetly when she notice the students attention on her, I laughed silently. School was going to be fun.

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