I was beyond tired of standing up to introduce myself every time a new teacher enters, my butt was beginning to ache from standing up and sitting down in short intervals, but I was comforted a little as the teachers all liked me and gave me special attention except my seat mate of course, who delightfully ignored me

I tried to pen down whatever the teachers were saying, but it all felt like gibberish in my ears, I was not one who was particular about my grades, all I needed was the perfect score to get into university

I decided to stop jotting down and just collect my Cyrus note when the teacher left, but I wondered how I would achieve that, he seemed almost unapproachable unless I wanted to try a prank or trick on him to make him give me the book,

Well I was the Queen Bee after all; it was hard for boys to refuse me

After what felt like forty five minutes of the teacher being in the classroom, Cyrus stood up and went to ring the bell, I chuckled quietly, funny seeing the Nerd going to ring a bell, when he came back, he ignored me as usual, cleared his locker, pick some books and left the classroom, others began trooping out as well

I was snapped out of my silly thoughts when Anna came to grab my arm, “Come on Marie, it is time for Library class” she stated,

“Is it not time for lunch?” I asked surprised, Surely we are not going to have classes after classes non-stop

Anna laughed and began helping me pack my books off the desk” Don’t worry, you will soon get used to it “

When I was been reluctant, she dragged me by the arm “Come on, I want to take the front seat, I hate sitting at the back in the library, that Richard and his clique make a hell of a noise instead of reading their books”

“Alright, but what do we do in the library class?” I asked perplexed

“the same thing you do in a library Marie, read books, only no literature is allowed, story books and the likes, we are to read our school notes and textbook only but some students still read novels though at their own peril” she clarified instantly clearing my mind of any possible violation of the school orders

I followed her, taking along with me my Biology textbook, not that it appealed to me, but I love my drawings.

I was struck with awe when we got to the library, it was like a mini modern library center, and other students were already taking their sit, while trying to maintain silence and those who did not, met with the stern glance with the librarian. A short stout woman who looked ready to kill should anyone disturb her quiet library. Her glasses hanging at the tip of her nose.

I decided to play it cool, places like this were the perfect places to play pranks and blame it on someone else

I stifled a giggle, Anna casted a glance at me in warning before dragging me to a sit and sat me there like some Barbie doll, if only she knew who I was and what I was capable of, she would no doubt stand ten feet away from me

The tables were arranged like a normal school library, I sat down quietly to begin drawing my bones and skeletons when I felt a dip on the soft chair we sat on, it was a long chair and was covered in cushion which made it bounce in and out when someone sit on or stands up from it.

I looked sideways to behold my seatmate in all his nerd glory, he had tons of books in front of him, I was so ashamed of my measly Biology textbook

“Hi” I whispered

He paused, stilling his movements; he turned his head to look at me, that perfect handsome face, his hair was neatly cut and combed in style; he was looking so clean cut. I observed his face fully from close view. He was the perfect image of an African prince, his brown skin glowed, I watched in fascination

It was not until Anna kicked me under the table that I turned my gaze from him, I smiled at her, I observed covertly from the corner of my eyes, He was smiling. I flushed suddenly embarrassed I had been caught

I was trying to draw and label a skeleton when I felt the tingling of foreign fingers on my skin, sweet sensations course though me, my breath hitched, the fingers moved up my legs, packing up the skirt that was in its way.

I panicked, what did Cyrus have in mind? As much as I liked pranking people, I make sure boys do not touch me, I was the Queen, I made sure I carried myself with that queenly air, so even the boys knew they would get a reprove if they dared talk

This was a first for me. I turned my head to look at him, he was busy reading a blasted Geography textbook, using his other hand to trace some coordinates on a map, did he think my thighs were some map

“Cyrus? What are you doing? ’I whispered but he ignored me, continuing the movements of his hands on my skin under the table

In reply, his hands pricked my skin, sending a mixture of pain and pleasure through my veins, he rubbed my legs more now, the sensation almost let me let out a whimper, I covered my lips in time.

All the while, Anne sat across me unsuspecting, she had improvised the non-literature rule to reading a literature textbook instead, she had her head buried, nosedived into the book. The table was tight which Cyrus ample opportunity to touch me with reckless abandon. The people on the next table would not be able to see what we were doing no matter how they tried, since I was getting a lot of stares, Cyrus sat close to me, he somehow moved closer to me closing the little space between us

I could not move my legs, and the dress I wore, was a short one. If he should delve in further, we would be exposed. Though I hadn’t experienced it before I knew absolutely what it entailed and what would followed after.

After some minutes, he removed his hands. I sighed in relief.

Cyrus smirked as he fully concentrated on his map

I only looked up to see the Librarian staring at me doubtfully, she walked closer to our table, staring me up and down, she moved closer and lifted a lock of hair from my shoulders

“Blond?” she asked

I bit back the witty reply that was on my tongue. Surely the fact that I was blond was plain to see.

“Yes Ma” I answered respectfully

Then she asked the question I had been asked all day

“Your name? And what country are you coming from?”

“Marie Richwood, United States of America” I answered woodenly

Just then, a certain nerd worked his way back to my legs, tickling me. I jumped up rattling up the Table in the process, the sound went through the whole library, the librarian was startled, and the other students turned to look at me, even the orchestrator joined in looking at me incredulously, like I had committed a sacrilege at their scared temple

“Marie, why did you jump like that?”

“I am sorry Ma” I apologized though I was far from sorry, I felt like slapping Cyrus, he was looking so innocent no one would ever believe me if I told them what he had been doing to me

“Am also sorry Marie, an apology does not simply cut it, I expected you to be more law abiding judging from the kind of school you were coming from” I rolled my eyes inwardly at that

“You will have to leave the library, go back to your class, next time be quieter in my library. There won’t be any special treatment for you Marie”

I gasped in horror, I hated pleading with teachers right from time immemorial so I ignored all pleas by AnnA for me to beg her I was simply not going to do it

I packed my Biology textbook, fully tempted to whack the back of his head with the big textbook.

He slipped me a note as I left the library, my head up high, chin lifted. Cyrus was just starting; he just met a match in me. What a cynical bastard.

As I got outside the building, I read the little note he sent me

“Payback for the Siren you broke be warned. It will only get worse. “

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