I am the queen bee. If Cyrus Kaye thinks he can take me on, then he needs to be awakened from his delusion.

I was beyond livid at Cyrus treatment of me. Quintessential me refused to back down. I waited for Anna behind the football court, with my equipment ready, Anna was such a good resource in getting them.

The only thing I needed was that arrogant African prince. I did not have to wait for long, from my hiding spot, I could see him coming closer arguing with Anna, the petite girl was doing such a good job, I felt like giving her a medal, he was perfectly distracted, his brows creased together, showing he was extremely annoyed. I smiled. He would soon have a reason to be more annoyed.

For a moment I left my eyes rake over him, I was distracted by the sheer smoothness of his face, those pretty dark eyes hidden beneath his nerdy glasses, that handsome pretty boy features of his got me drooling, his hands were chiseled though, the same hands he had been touching me with, the sensations they had left in their trail left me panting for more. His hair were perfectly combed and styled. His uniform was the perfect shade of the neatest school boy.

I groaned in anticipation of what they would soon become.

I waited anxiously for them to come closer, the moment he got close enough to where I was hiding, I had told Anna to bring him to me through the underground door which gives me the leverage to do what I wanted.

I looked down on them from behind the row of seats, he was enraged by now, talking loudly to Anna who was wise enough to stand meters away from him.

I moved closer towards an angle where I could be given a good leverage, he was standing at hands akimbo, when I raised my bucket of leftover paint mixed with lots of water. My arms hurt but my mission must be accomplished, next time, I would switch with one of my dear minions but now I just want to watch the expression on Cyrus face when I pour the dirty stuff over him.

Pretty boy was in the middle of walking back to class, when I dumped the contents over him, the red paint splattered all over his head, uniforms and all.

I skidded down the rolls of chairs and came to stand in front of him, though I had the good sense to stay out of arms reach.

I doubled with laughter when I saw his expression,

“Poor boy, what are you going to do now?” I mocked in a baby voice, Cyrus remained unmoving, his hands were doing the job for him though, he wiped at his face hurriedly, trying to open them, a fat chunk of paint gummed together sat on his face

Anna was also standing far away taking pictures with her phone, Cyrus was however still scratching at this face, trying to clear his vision. I guess drops of paint got into his eyes but I do not care, he would think twice before touching me again.

In the distance, I could hear the sound of the school bell being rung, someone else must have taken on the duty, Anna came closer.

“Marie I am hungry, I need to go, are you coming?” she asked looking at Cyrus who was still trying to get a hold of himself. I tried not to care but it seems there is something wrong with him. His skin had gone red from where he was scratching and his eyes remained close all along, he seemed to be in anguish

“Cyrus” I called ignoring Anna

I was about moving closer when Anna pulled me back in anger”Come on lets go to the cafeteria, he is not a small boy he can take care of himself”

“Wait…” I started

“What don’t tell me after all my effort to get back at him for you, you are going to help him?” she sounded so incredulous

“Why is that wrong? I think we should take him to the Sick bay” I said worried my plan had backfired, if Cyrus heard our discussion he gave no indication to it as he sort out handkerchiefs from his pocket and began to wipe his body and face

“Then I will leave you to him, he does not deserve to be helped, he is just an arrogant boy who think everyone will fall at his feet because he has model parents ...” she said with so much venom her body jiggled

I stare at her in so much awe, little wonder she had agreed with my plan with so much gusto. She had some personal issues with Cyrus. What could it be? I mused.

“Who are his parents?”

“Ask him, I am sure he would be pleased to gloat, I am hungry, I will be at the cafeteria when next you need my services, do you know the way to the cafeteria? “ she asked smoothly switching back to her minion mood. I gasped in shock at the swift change in mood, minions also have feelings.

“I do know the way. Thanks”

“As long as you are not relying on Cyrus here to help you” she said cynically and left, her body swishing left and right. Talk about demons. There were some certain specialties you do not dare double cross. I made a mental note not to underestimate Anna. She seems to have a fiery spirit of her own.

I turned my attention back to the object of my conquest, Cyrus Kaye. He was standing in all his handsomeness, he had somehow being able to open his eyes. I heaved a sigh of relief. Though I wanted revenge and clear cut boundaries, I was not eager to be the reason someone lost the use of their eyes. He had removed his glasses now. They were lying on the ground.

I noticed he looked so much more handsome without them, he was definitely hiding a great deal of handsomeness behind those glasses. Dark eyes stared back at me, surprisingly all furiousness seems to be gone from his expression. It was replaced with something else I could not place my hand on

But we could not really judge a book from its cover now can we? I stood a safe distance away from him

“Are you okay?” I asked sympathetically, my voice quivering a bit; I was getting myself sucked into those dark orbs,

He refused to reply; instead he bent to pick up his glasses, he scratched his eyes a little, in obvious discomfort

Panicked at my handiwork, it was only my first day at school. sadly I did not remember that before I made my plan

I moved closer to him, he raised an eyebrow to look at me, clearly expecting an apology

Pointing my finger at him, I warned “Let that be the last time you touch me with so much liberty again, I am not some sort of ornament or map that you should trace, do you hear me? This is just a warning. Don’t try it again next time. And I believe we would be fine” I said peeking into his eyes, that were staring down at me in some strange sort of way, I shifted my gaze.

In seconds, Cyrus was next to me, hitting my back against the walls of the football court, I groaned in pain, but that was the least of mine concern, he had my body deliciously pressed against his, sparks flew from where our skin met, I was not sure whether it was from the pain or the pleasure of his body pressed against mine.

He smelled like paint, dirty paint. I gasped in horror, I looked down at our conjoined bodies, and my uniform had contracted some of the dirty paint

“So this was your plan?” gesturing to my dirty uniform

For the first time, he replied me in that silken voice of his, it sent shivers down my body ”No, far from it, I have far more better things to do to you than that” he said looking into my hazel eyes, with his dark ones

“What is that?” A flash of heat ignited my body from the inside as our gazes connected, I tried to free myself from his hold but his powerful, strong body held me tight. For a nerd he sure has some strong muscles

“I want to crush your body and soul. That golden look I want to steal it away”

“You are sick” I screamed trying to push him away

Fingers wrapped around my throat, gently holding me against the wall, but making sure I could not move

“I want to take this happy spirit of yours and suck it into mine; I want to be happy also. I don’t know how else to do it other than to touch you Marie”

I looked on as he lowered his lips, teeth digging into mine, he bit my bottom lip, I cried out in pain, he used the opportunity to fully delve into my mouth. I mewled, and he deepened the kiss. His tongue was in my mouth. My heart pounded loudly. His fingers finding my pulse and massaging the spot in my throat where it pounded.

His free hand went behind my back, grabbing my waist, gumming my body closer to his, my breast was squished on his chest, the creamy fullness threatening to spill out of my shirt. I let out a sob, wanting to be released but he kissed me deeper. He grabbed me and pulled me up, I don’t know how but my legs automatically wrapped themselves around his waist, his lips never leaving mine.

The sound of footsteps coming closer to where we stood jolted him to a stop, he dropped me in a hurry, I righted my skirt which had ridden up on my thighs. I must have looked a mess; his eyes were hungry like a wolf watching his prey

Without warning, his hands were on me, he righted my hair and skirt, and he buttoned up my shirt which I had not even noticed he had undone. He bent down to dust the dirt in his uniform just as Principal Francis and Nicole rounded the corner

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