It was only two days later, as I sat in my room with Cyrus who was sitting with every bit of my school books scattered around us on my study table that I found out Nicole identity

“She is Principal Francis daughter, she is our age mate also” Why do you ask?” he answered, nose bent in a book

I shook my head “Nothing, just wanted to know, she seems to have so much power in the school that’s all”

“Never mind that, whatever respect she has gathered has nothing to do with Principal Francis, Nicole is just kind and caring to a fault that’s all” he said dismissively, he picked up a further mathematics workbook, I had been working on and began glancing through

He would not know a crush when he sees one.  I sighed. I would have to make my move before he leaves, Nicole was going to be so disappointed.

Suddenly re-energized I gathered some of my school books close to me, pretending to put interest in each one. I showed him the subject’s one after the other. Truth was, I could have figured out every one of the exercises myself but I had another reason for bringing Cyrus home.

Half way through the exercises, my brother stuck his head into my room, hazel bright eyes shining at Cyrus

“Wow, so this is your new conquest. Marie you wasted no time. But isn’t he a little too muscular for your manipulations. He looks like a nerd, when did you start doing nerds Marie? “He asked pointing at Cyrus. Who gave him a puzzled look?

George reading his expression offered him a smile and an offending explanation” My name is George Richwood. Marie’s wonderful brother. “He said praising himself, I rolled my eyes but my dear brother was not done, he continued” Oh you did not know, she is into bad boys, quarterbacks, players, you name them. This is the first time I am seeing her with a nerd it is almost epic. Don’t take it personal though. I like you that’s why I am warning you, beforehand be careful so she does not gobble you up” “ He emphasized placing a hand on his chest affectionately

Embarrassed to my feet’s, I screamed for my mum ”Mum!!!?”

“Marie, keep quiet and stop shouting. If mum hears you she will have my head” he pleaded,

“Mum!!!” I screamed louder, footsteps coming up the stairs to my room made George disappear but not before sticking out his tongue at me.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Richwood” Cyrus greeted, bowing his head a little. I smiled what a respectful

African boy.

“Just call me Katherine” My mum replied good naturedly, smiling brightly at him as she entered the room with a tray full of muffins and juice. I could see Cyrus flush. Quite the food lover there

I also grinned at the contents in her hands, she had baked muffins. Placing them on the on a side table, she turned to me “Why were you calling me like that, Marie?”

I shook my head” George was ….”

“Go easy on him. Marie” Mom chided” he was just upset he could not make his Skype call to Stacy. The network is not too good I guess. He has been in a foul mood for a while now” My mom explained expecting me to be sympathetic not knowing she just gave me to the ultimate tool to tease my brother with. And I would happily go through with it. I might even set him up with a girl in school; the girls were all already ogling him anyway. I grinned at the thought.

“Alright Mom, I will do that. “ I answered giving her my best innocent smile. That innocent Richwood smile.

“Focus on your studies Marie, bye Cyrus” she winked at me and closed the door before Cyrus could respond.

We continued our studies; amidst devouring the food mum brought us. I caught myself staring at Cyrus more than once as he was explaining any hard question I encountered but  He was either oblivious to my stare or he did not notice me devouring him with my eyes.

I was patiently waiting for him to continue our make out session but Cyrus made no such move, instead he fixated his full attention on my books. By now he had gone through every book on the bookshelf in my room, he keeps on standing up to pick one after the other. I was gradually becoming furious, pecks of being attracted to a nerd.

Displeased, I stood up to get more books from the shelf myself, shoving it to the table in front of him

”Here, I brought these books over with me from U.S but I don’t understand a thing” I sat beside him, making full sure our thighs touch, he did not move away like I thought he would but he did not make any further move either.

“I have read this. My Dad gets me these books once in a while, that is one part of my life he does not neglect though “he muttered before he launched into a detailed explanation of hormones and chromosomes am sure even some medical doctors do not know. I could not help asking, fascinated by the degree of his smartness

“What do you want to be?”

He regarded me coolly, “My Dad wants me to become a Lawyer like him, and He says I have the brains for it”

“What about what you want to do?”

“I want to be a Mechanical Engineer, I love cars you see, I have every collection of toy models in my room. But what I want does not matter. It is my Dad’s lifelong dream to start a dynasty of lawyers and he is bent on achieving that dream, nothing is going to change that. That is why he is so concerned with his public image; he does not want me to do anything to spoil the Kaye’s name. He wants me to continue in his footsteps” He replied me so low, I knew whatever he was going through was definitely tearing at his heart

Having known freedom and happiness my whole life I found it hard to relate to his concern except to offer him a sympathetic shoulder which I am sure he would not want.

“But why do I feel like you are not going to take this lying down?” trying to lift the gloomy air

I teased, the guy that retaliated on me so far with all the tricks I have pulled at him. I knew he definitely had something planned against his father, even though he was a nerd he was not the meek type. A very arrogant one. He glanced at me smiling

“It is fun to let him think he is in charge then I will give him the shock of his life once the time is right.” He declared.

Remembering his sudden support of me at the football court”Was that why you took my side in front of Principal Francis? “I asked sourly, I was somehow displeased he had taken my side just to protect himself and not because he considered me

“What do you think?” he shot back, closing and arranging every book on the table”I think we are done here” he announced standing up on his feet

I could not take it in anymore, I hated being ignored more than anything, I stood up blocking his way

“You seemed so apprehensive in front of Principal Francis? I have wanted to question you about this for a long time now, why did you suddenly take my side uhh?”

An awkward silence lay between us,

“Move, Marie I need to go home” he commanded, I looked up at him staring into brown eyes turning dark with that dangerous look he had given me at the football court. I shivered, this was the passion I wanted, I stepped forward tracing a finger down his jawline, I teased my hands on his cheeks

“Marie? What are you doing? Your Mom could come in at any minute” he said sounding worried, his handsome face going worried

“If you don’t reply my question, I won’t let you go, come to think of it, you also said you wanted to suck in my happy nature too, trust me there are several places you can suck on me” I smiled when I saw the reactions of my words on his face. His body had gone rigid; he was trying hard to control himself

Happy with handiwork, I wrapped my hands around his tall frame, I caressed his soft skin, extending my touch to his back, letting my hair fall all around us”Tell me?” I teased softly, forcing him to reply

“You are correct, but not about everything. Principal Francis is my Dad’s watchdog on me. So I have to always keep up a good front in front of him.  I can’t be caught doing anything wrong, I was even surprised they let me come here, they are probably thinking they can turn you to their next ornament project or something”

“That’s going to be a total failure”

“I agree” he said nodding his head at me

“What do you mean by that?” I asked half pissed, my moods were constantly changing by his words, I groaned, Cyrus had me at the palm of his hands, turning my mood wherever he wishes.

He pulled me closer to him, he carried me suddenly setting me on the desk cleared of our books, I was frozen, his breath kissing my lips as he exhaled

He grabbed my hips. Firmly. “I mean, I know you are a very good student, too good to be controlled by Principal Francis, you barely even listened to a thing I said throughout our lesson” he mocked

I opened my lips to argue but Cyrus hands were quick on them, getting serious, his thumb traced my bottom lips in a gentle caress, he gave it a soft tug “I want to be happy like you are, it was your bright nature that drew me closer you and your mischievous nature, I need some of that happy streak in my life, I have been far depressed by my parents. It is time I set out to go find love of my own”

“Love?” I echoed, stunned

“Yes love” with that being said, he lowered his mouth on mine, alarm bells going off in my head.

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